Ideas for a Playground in Your Garden

Ideas for a Playground in Your Garden

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Arrange a wonderful playground for your kid and watch him play happily in some of the most creative ideas you can implement in your own garden!

Playground in Your Garden: Vegetable Playground set

Sometimes it’s great to extend the play area of your kid to the garden. Not only that they will enjoy some nice playing time outdoors in fresh air, but they can also get more popular in the neighborhood by having some friends over. More than that, you can even organize parties for him/her there and lots of fun activities around! Read on to find out some ideas for building a playground in your garden.

First of all, you can try installing some chalkboard walls in the garden. They are great for your kids to draw and this saves you some space in the house, given that lots of children love to draw on walls. Get them some colored chalk pieces and let them have fun!

Another idea for a playground in your garden is to install a zip line. Even if you don’t have a huge backyard or garden, a short zip line will be more than enough for your kids. Make sure that it’s safe though and as they grow, change the rope accordingly in order to prevent any kind of accidents.

You can also try and install a backyard tent. Bring a sense and adventure in the comfort of your own home and offer your kids the chance to spend the night outdoors, telling stories or playing games with their friends. Bake some cookies for them too and you will melt any kid’s heart! Plus you’ll have the chance to become the favorite parent around!

Don’t forget how much you loved swings in your childhood and offer your kid the pleasure of having his own! There are several types of swings, from tire swings to comfy ones. Alternatively, you can install egg-shaped armchairs outside and hang them from a tree or a special metal structure.

Another suggestion for a playground in your garden is to create a sandbox. You can just dig around 30 cm in the soil and place a wooden frame around. Fill it with sand, a sun umbrella and a beach ball and make your kid feel just as if he were at the seaside. For an extra effect, you can try and add a small inflatable pool and let him play in water as long as he likes. It’s a nice time off for your kid and he will be really happy!

A classic option is to build a tree house. The best part of this is that it’s a place for playing that will last for years in a row, so you don’t need to replace it or repair it too often. Just make sure you use quality materials and that you let your kid decorate it. In the end, it will be only his private space, so there’s no need in imposing him a certain decor. More than that, you have to stash up on cushions, pillows and blankets, because for sure he will want to invite his friends there, not to mention the amount of toys he will transfer from the house there.

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