Interesting Flowers for your Garden

Interesting Flowers for your Garden

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Make your garden even more elegant!

I know how much you love your garden and most of all how important it  is for you that is why today I will present you some interesting flowers for your garden which can resist at high temperatures so they are perfect for Emirate.

Because the garden is the first image of your house you should plant interesting flowers, that kind of spectacular flowers which take your breath away.

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The flower with which I would begin it’s called Amaranthus (amaranth) and it measures 18 inches to 6 feet depending on the species. You can find it in red, orange, gold, green, purple and it can’t tolerate wet soil or shade, it really loves sun and heat so it is just perfect for a colorful garden.

golden_amaranthus home caprice

Next flower reflects grace and femininity. Looks so majestic and graceful, perfect for an elegant garden. I simply love it. Gazania hybrids which heights 6 to 15 inches, can be found in red, pink, bronze, orange or yellow, perfect for hot areas and windy spots. This little beauty can’t tolerate rain, wet soils or humidity. Take good care of it.

flowers for your gardens

This next delicate flower is one of my favorites. Looks so delicate and feminine that I somehow feel like represents me. I think it is perfect for a garden that wants to be appreciated for its beauty. Ipomoea quamoclit or cypress vine heights 6 to 35 feet having a scarlet color. It is very easy to grow it from seeds and it self-sows. What it is so perfect at this flower is that it can tolerate almost any temperatures.

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flowers for your garden

Next one has a strange name but a beautiful perfume. Nicotiana or flowering tobacco heights 8 inches to 5 feet and has varies of species. You can find it in rose, pink, green, purple and white. You can grow it easily from seeds and some of the will self-sow. It doesn’t like wet stems and leaves.

flowers for gardens

For a garden that reflects glamour and extravagance you can pick Portulaca or Rose Moss which heights 4 to 8 inches. It can be picked on red, magenta, pink, salmon, orange, yellow or white. It is also very easy to grow it from seeds. It is sensitive at humidity so make sure you don’t expose it to it.

flowers for gardens

Another elegant flower which is aware of its beauty is Zinnia elegans or Common zinnia which is found in all colors except blue. It is sensitive at wet soils and poor air circulation . She blooms beautifully and she will really give your garden that perfect note of elegance.

flowers for gardens

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Hope you will be very proud of your garden from now on!



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