Original Gardens – Funny Garden Pots

Original Gardens – Funny Garden Pots

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Try something new in your garden with these funny garden pots ideas and see how your garden comes to life!

Funny Garden Pots: Creative Tomato Pots

A garden is a wonderful way to relax and to disconnect from the everyday stress. So why not make it even more funny by using some funny garden pots where you can plant your favorite flowers or even spices for the kitchen? Read more to find out great ideas for funny garden pots!

Wall-mounted wooden plant pots are quite a recent hit when it comes to gardening. Probably the reason for which they are so popular is that they are very practical and space-saving. And as you already know, there’s never enough space in the garden for everything you’d wish to do and to plant. They are environmentally friendly and they can easily be reused in case you want to replace the plants. Due to the fact that they are quite small, they can easily be integrated even in the interior design of your entire home, not only in your garden. However, when placing them on the wall, make sure that they are well attached. You wouldn’t want to end up with a broken pot or flowers, wouldn’t you?

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Another great idea that can make your garden much more interesting with funny garden pots is the one with tilted garden pots. You simply have to build a structure and place around it tilted pots. It’s recommended to choose similar pots, like red terracotta or colored ones. If you want to add some symmetry to the garden, you can choose the same size of the pots or different ones. You can even arrange them from smallest to largest or the other way around. See how in a couple of minutes the decor of your garden changes radically!

Animals-shaped pots are no rare thing in funny gardens. And there’s no wonder why, because they’re so cute and adorable, you almost want to take them indoor! Frog pots are awesome because they’re green and match the rest of the colors in the garden, but they are in general quite small, so you can’t plant large plants there.

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What you can do however, in order to obtain funny garden pots from the old and boring ones, is to use photos. Many people like to customize their own garden pots by sticking photos of themselves or of family members on the outside of the pots. If you’re not comfortable with sticking your picture all over the garden, you can choose photos from your travels around the world or you can simply choose beautiful ones on the internet.

One final note that you should take into consideration when renewing your garden with funny pots is to write on them. Paint them in whatever colors you like (you can even use cheap spray paint!) and then use a Sharpie to customize them. Bake them in the oven after you write on them so that you can be sure that the writing won’t fade soon. Choose motivational messages, positive thoughts or simply just gardening tips. Alternatively, you can use the Sharpie to write down the scientific name of every plant, if you’re really passionate about that!

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