Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is extremely important for a dreamy atmosphere.

Outdoor lighting it is a major detail in order for your entire property to look good and to be able to watch over it. If fyou want to have a nice outside dinner or an evening pool party, lighting is extremely important. Today we are going to see what kind of lightning is more elegant, stylish and useful.

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When we choose outdoor lighting we must pay attention to details like how big is our property, how much we want the pool to be lighten and so on.

The first thing to take into consideration is orientation light: from the courtyard entrace to the front door of your house. ItĀ  is very practical and you can personalize it.


Let’s begin with the front door where you can pick bollard lamps.There are usually 1 meter high and they are built on the ground. If you are an extravagant person, don’t go for industrial lamps, search deeper in order to find special ones.If you are more of a vintage person you would like torchiere-style lamps from wrought iron.

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Most house have an alley through garden which is very close to the house. For a more friendly design choose wall appliques or wall lamps which are built on the house wall. You can opt for classical lamps with lampshades which are more modern. Wall appliques can be simple and attractive.

Lighting for patio: wall lamps are also a good choose for outdoor terraces. If you designed an outdoor living room, use a pendant lamp over the table. A good idea would also be floor lamps, those which have dimmers. The accompany in your conversations and make your more relaxed.

Your pool is very important to be lighten too. If it happens to have a small pond, this would look far more beautiful with the proper lights. Choose small bollar lamps on the shore or ball or blob shaped lamp which are installed directly on the groung. All the lampsĀ  you choose for this area must be waterproof so choose carefully. There are even floating lamps for pool which come in various shapes. You want a fairy tale atmosphere in here.

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I hope that I helped you with some small ideas for your outdoor lighting and you will transform the view in a wonderful dreamy one.


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