Rooftop Swimming Pool Tips

Rooftop Swimming Pool Tips

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A rooftop swimming pool is definitely a good idea when you're lacking space, but not only. Swimming above the city can be actually quite an amazing experience, and if you have the luxury of doing this whenever you want, even better!

Clean pool water

A measure of style and class, especially in the UAE, is the rooftop swimming pool. Not only that it’s extremely creative and a good way of relaxing, but also they save you some space in the yard. For instance, you can learn how to decorate your garden and place it there, instead of occupying the space with the pool which you can also install on the roof. However, there are some things you need to know about having a rooftop swimming pool.

Change the water more often. If you compare it to an indoor pool, you will certainly need to have the water changed more often, since it will get dirty more quickly and nobody wants to bathe in dirty water. Being so high, more dust and leaves can be brought by the wind and left in the water, so you need to make sure the water is clean at all times.

Make a covering system. In case of rain or sandstorm, for instance, it’s better to have a system that will quickly cover up the pool and not let any particles of dust or rainwater to dirty it. This is not only convenient if you think about the water, but also for your health. Don’t forget to disinfect the pool every once in a while! Moreover, the covering system, if it covers the entire area, will also protect your decks. The wood in general is quite resistant, but if it’s exposed constantly to sunshine, rain or other factors, it can be quickly deteriorated.

Decorate with plants. Whether you choose to also have a garden here or simply you want to decorate the space using plants, it’s a good idea to opt for flowers or small bushes. They will maintain a fresh air and they will look extremely nice near the blue water. If you feel creative, you can add flowers like lilies in the water itself. That’s something a rooftop swimming pool totally deserves!

Build a small terrace nearby. If with normal pools you have shadow from the neighboring houses or trees, for a rooftop swimming pool you will need to make sure that you have a corner where you can escape the sun. Build a wooden terrace for instance, or place some umbrellas near the pool. Alternatively, if you have enough space, you can plant some palm trees.

Decorate your pool. Even if it’s a rooftop swimming pool, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it as you usually do. Don’t be afraid to try new pool decoration stickers, balloons, candles or garlands or other ideas to decorate your pool. The final result will be indeed impressive and you will enjoy a great relaxation moment on your roof, your little oasis of peace.


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