Summer Pool Bar Ideas to Cool Off

Summer Pool Bar Ideas to Cool Off

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Try out these magnificent ideas for you summer pool bar and create your own oasis of relaxation!

Summer Pool Bar Ideas: Special Lighting

A summer pool bar is great idea to relax, cool off and have fun at the same time in hot summer days, especially in the UAE. Here, people are most of the time looking for a place where to swim a little, have a refreshing drink or stay under an umbrella for a while, away from the scorching sun. Fortunately, we have lots of summer pool bar ideas which will help you manage through an extremely hot day and relax. Read on to find out how you can design this heavenly place to suit your taste and needs!

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A great idea to make your summer pool bar more exotic is to use a straw roof for the bar. Not only that it offers the place a more authentic and classy look, but the straw roof is great in protecting you from the sun and offering an oasis of shade in the middle of a hot day. Remember to bring to the bar a small fridge and to spoil yourself with an icy drink to cope with the heat.

Choose an unusual shape for your pool if you want to have an original relaxation corner! Square or simply round pools are more than classic, so if you want to bring something new choose a funny or long shape for your pool. You can place the bar wherever you want, but it’s recommendable not to place it across the pool so that you can still have some space to swim or to play.

And since we’re talking about playing, we have some great summer pool bar ideas for this too! Place a net across the pool so that you can play volleyball and many other games with your friends when you invite them to a pool party. Let’s not forget that pool parties are so much better with a pool bar around!

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Probably the best summer pool bar ideas are the ones that show you how to place the bar in the middle of the pool. It’s true, you have to swim over there and it’s not that easy to transport the drinks there, but it’s so much fun to have a bar fully surrounded by water! More than that, you can place some bar stools around to sit down while you play with your legs in the cooling water. And your kids will absolutely love it!

Other summer pool bar ideas that can help you in building you own piece of heaven in the comfort of your own home are the guidelines for lighting. Pool parties at night become much more fun if you choose a colorful lighting and not a classic one. ¬†Purple lighting, for instance, or red one, can create a more intimate and interesting atmosphere suitable for a party. If you’re creative, you can use an underwater lighting system. The light filtered through the water will appear more dim and therefore much more appropriate for occasional parties, birthdays, or simply relaxing evenings enjoying a drink by the pool.

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