Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips You Should Follow

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips You Should Follow

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Maintain your pool clean by following these simple and effective cleaning tips!

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips: Use the skimmer

You might think that once you built your swimming pool, you’re set and you just have to change the water every once in a while. However, if you want to be healthy and avoid any issues with your pool, you should read our swimming pool cleaning tips and use them.

  • Check the water chemistry a couple of times a week. During summer, it’s better to check it more often, but in the winter, once a week should be enough. Pay attention to any changes and try to identify the causes. Some elements found in large quantities can affect the pH of your skin, so be careful!
  • Remember to clean the skimmer baskets once a week or even more often if you think it’s necessary.
  • Perhaps one of the most important swimming pool cleaning tips is to clean hair and lint pot in the pump. Turn off the pump every couple of weeks and clean the pot to avoid its blocking.

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  • Monitor once per month the water level. It should be at the center of the tile or the skimmer. If it’s not right, you should adjust it.
  • Another one of the most important swimming pool cleaning tips is to check the inline chlorinator once a week and adjust it.
  • If you have an ozone unit, check if the light is on. You should take extreme cautions here because the connections are very fragile and can break very easily. See the flow-meter to see if the adjustment is within range.
  • You can use catalyst tabs if you have around. Pay attention to the instructions for the amount of water you have in the pool. Remember to store them in a cool dry place, otherwise they will become blocks.

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  • Clean the filters! Many people forget about one of the most important swimming pool cleaning tips, which is to clean the filters. Depending on the area, the temperatures and the climatic conditions, you should clean them every 2-3 months or monthly. In UAE or in the sandy areas, it is advisable to clean them monthly or check them even more often to make sure your pool is okay. It is best to have an extra set of filters and interchange them whenever needed. It’s much easier like that and it saves you some effort, even though you have to clean them thoroughly.
  • Wipe the tile line weekly or every time you use the pool. It’s a great way to avoid build-up and to keep them clean more easily.
  • Careful when storing away chemicals. Avoid keeping them in direct sunlight and place them in a cool dry place. Never put acid and chlorine next to each other!
  • Keep plants and animals away from the pool as much as possible. The chlorine in the water can be really damaging for them, but also bird droppings and other waste can feed the algae and therefore affect your pool.

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