Swimming Pool Tiles Design

Swimming Pool Tiles Design

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Check out these awesome swimming pools tiles design for more inspiration on how to decorate your pool!

Swimming Pool Tiles Design: 3D Design

The swimming pool tiles are just as important as the pool itself, or even more if you think about the fact that they make up most of the decor around the pool. Although they don’t have any effect on the relaxing time you’re spending in or near the pool, it is still important for aesthetic reasons to think well about the swimming pool tiles design. Here are some useful ideas!

1. Choose blue tiles. As classic and lacking imagination as this might seem, it’s great because it complements the bluish color of the water in the pool, plus it’s a very relaxing and cool color. More than that, it’s probably one of the most popular colors when it comes to interior (or exterior) design. Also, it inspires cleanliness and helps you relax, making it the best option for a pool design.

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2. Patterns. In what concerns patterns for the swimming pool tiles design, you have to know that you’ll find lots of them on the market. Depending on your taste or on the rest of the decor around the pool, you can choose from flowers to geometrical patterns or simply mosaics. Of course, most of them are blue, but you can also find combinations with white, green or variations.

3. 3D Designs. Recently technology allowed for more interesting swimming pool tiles design options, such as the 3D designs. They depict, for instance, dolphins playing around in your pool or create optical illusions. Who doesn’t find interesting a pool where the floor seems irregular or even cracked up? But for this you’ll need to have a sense of humor that will surely amuse your friends when they come over for a pool party!

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4. Use your creativity! One of the most important advices we can give you when it comes to any kind of interior and exterior decor is to use your creativity and imagination! If you’re not happy with the patterns you find on the market, you can always improvise and buy different types of tiles to match them on your own. For instance, choose different colors: black, white or blue, let’s say, and arrange them in separate rows or intermingle them for a more interesting mosaic. On the same note, you can make mosaics from different palettes: red ones, yellow ones or even green ones, similar to the shades of blue usually used.

5. Match the light with the design! The light in and around the pool is also important for underlining the swimming pool tiles design. A blue light will make the tiles appear more blue if you have chosen this color, but if you want to be a little more original, you should consider a complementary color for the light. Try going for a purple light, for instance, which will bring a little more elegance to your pool area and create a much warmer atmosphere than the blue light. Other than that, you can use any color for your lighting system, even neon colors for a wild party!

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