Unusual Ideas for Pools

Unusual Ideas for Pools

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A swimming pool is not a rare thing in UAE, but what if you went for something original and unusual? Check out these unusual ideas for your pool!

Pool with edges

Having a swimming pool is not such a great thing nowadays. But using unusual ideas for your swimming pool it is. If you want to change the aspect or build the pool in a certain way, but don’t know exactly how, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out more unusual ideas for your swimming pool!

Pools with edge.

Just because you have an outdoor swimming pool that doesn’t mean you cannot have a pool with edge. Make it look like a bath tub or make several concentric edges to it for a truly amazing effect. Extra tip: you can have several edge walls in different colors or different patterns. For instance, the main wall surrounding the pool can be blue, the next one white and the last one with a colorful pattern. You can even make the water fall over the first walls for a waterfall effect.

Terrace pools.

Combine the look of a lounge or terrace to that of a relaxing pool. It’s quite unusual to chain together the home, a lounge area and a pool, but the effect is beautiful and practical at the same time. More than that, it gives you the freedom to play around with the colors and designs. For instance, you can have a great pattern on the outer walls of the house and use the same patterns for the pool and its surroundings. Not to mention that you eliminate the need for special chairs for the pool and separate ones for the terrace, since now you only need one set.

Lap pools.

Although people believe this type of pools is suited only for athletes, it is a great solution to save some space and enjoy your own swimming pool for a couple of laps. Extra tip: you can use a canal to connect your lap pool in front of the house to the regular one and so you get two pools to relax in.

Kidney shaped pools.

They are great first of all because they look natural, although this is one of the unusual ideas for pools that is quickly dismissed by people. The perfection of square or round pools does not match the beauty of natural shapes and the blending with the nature. Moreover, if you want to recreate the look of a beach, you can go for smooth slopes on the edge of the pool instead of building artificial steps. For a more natural look, include rocks or grass on the side of the pool and you’ll have the greatest pool ever!

Integrated lighting.

A special and one of the most unusual ideas for pools is to have integrated lighting. It works perfectly in creating a special atmosphere for your pool and it also saves you the problem of thinking about the system of lighting to be set around the pool. You can complement this with a dim lighting system around for a permanent romantic atmosphere or you can simply choose an adjustable one.


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