Egyptian Home Accessories for a More Interesting Decor

Egyptian Home Accessories for a More Interesting Decor

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For a quick redecoration and a change of style, you can always use Egyptian home accessories. If you don't know what accessories to use, read on and choose a couple of them to bring an oriental air to your house!

Egyptian decoration

Even if you have a house decorated and furnished in an Egyptian style or not, you can add Egyptian home accessories in every room. Not only that they bring an oriental air to your home, but they are also very beautiful and some are said to bring you luck. Check out the next list of Egyptian home accessories and choose the ones that you like most for your home!

Egyptian paintings.

They are great for basically any room in your home and they can be used alone, without any other matching furniture items or decors. They can also be funny, because you can mix and match them on the walls however you want.


Statuettes are so fun, but at the same time so stylish. A great deal of Egyptian home accessories are statuettes with kittens (since they are worshipped in Egypt), gods or specific masks. More than that, you can change their place at any time, depending on your taste and on the arrangement of the room.


Egyptian curtains are always made from high quality materials and look simply great. They are the epitome of elegance and a great solution when it comes to Egyptian home accessories. It is best to choose elegant colors such as burgundy, cream, beige, golden or silver or if you don’t want to choose strong colors, you can go for plain ones with small details in the aforementioned colors.

Decorative cushions.

The Egyptian style is mostly about excessive decorations and adorning, so how can decorative cushions miss? It is important to choose ones with a special Egyptian pattern, so that they can nicely complement the overall aspect of the room. Make sure that they are good quality pillows or even better, if you cannot find what you want in the stores, you can make your own.


Nothing’s more effective to change the entire aspect of a room than a change of wallpaper. You can find lots of Egyptian-style wallpapers in the shops which you can combine and match in your entire home. In the living room, for instance, you can have a golden wallpaper with hieroglyphs and in the kitchen you can choose a black one with golden oriental drawings on.


What’s more representative for the Egypt than pyramids? You can buy small pyramids and place them all around the home. Although it may not seem like much, small details like this are the ones that make a difference in home decor. Moreover, you can match the real pyramids with patterns of these on the walls or drawings of them on the cushions. In this way you can have a homogeneous placement of all the Egyptian home accessories for a great effect.

Egyptian rugs.

A simple decor can be enhanced with a special element, in this case a great Egyptian rug. They are very elegant and cozy, plus they can complement very nicely the entire home decor by bringing a beautiful oriental touch to the entire house.

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