Funny Home Wallpapers to Brighten Up Your Room

Funny Home Wallpapers to Brighten Up Your Room

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A wallpaper can mean much more than just a decoration for you home, it can change the aspect of the entire room, plus brighten up the entire atmosphere!

Green plants wallpaper

If you have a playful personality or you have kids in the house, it is time for you to think of funny home wallpapers. They are not that easy to find, but if you have a certain idea in your head, it is easy to customize one and make it perfect for your own home. Read on to find out about some crazy wallpaper ideas people have!

Clock wallpapers.

Need an alarm clock every day? Get one on your funny home wallpapers. It may be a little bit stressful, but it’s also useful in reminding you of how precious time is and how to better organize what you have to do. Still, nobody reported an increased productivity due to using such a wallpaper.

Green plants wallpaper.

Bring a piece of nature in your home by choosing a green plant wallpaper for some fresh air. It’s one of the true funny house wallpapers, especially if you’re an outdoorsy person and you love green. More than that, it is said that green is the color that helps to relax the eyes and to see better. The more realistic the plants, the better!

Cushion wallpaper.

Quite an unusual choice, but many people choose to fill up an entire walls (or even more walls) with cushions. It is a good way to soundproof, and it can help you release your anger or frustrations by hitting the cushions, without breaking anything! What more can you want from a wallpaper?

Big, big flowers.

A nice and easy way to brighten up a room with one of these funny home wallpapers is by using big flowers on it. You can use a flowery wallpaper only for one wall in the room if you are afraid that more than that will look exaggerated. In general, the room will have a feminine look, but you can use darker colors and make it suitable for more masculine looks too.

Cosmic wallpaper.

You don’t need to be an astrologist to enjoy a great funny wallpaper with planets. The bigger, the better! And you can bet that the effect will be awesome and it will impress everyone who steps foot in your house.


Circles are a safe bet regardless of the room where you want to use them on your wallpaper: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, you name it and they will fit. It all depends now on the colors you want to use. You can use blue or green and any variations in the kitchen and bathroom, for instance, and stronger colors, like bright red, orange or yellow in the living room or bedroom.


For the traveler inside you, maps will always represent the beauty of the road, but also reaching a destination. You can always choose as one of the funny home wallpapers a real map or more maps put together. Also, you can play around with this idea, represent the whole globe on a wall or pinpoint where you have been or where you’d want to go in this life. You’ll have a nice motivation there every day!

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