Most Expensive Carpets in the World

Most Expensive Carpets in the World

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Be amazed by the most expensive carpets.


If we want our house to be proud with its accessories, than we must take into consideration that it needs a fabulous carpet. Doesn’t matter if the carpet you choose is in the living room , bedroom or any other room, this must be incredible as your house is.

And what other choice than one of the most expensive carpets in the world? Any house would feel phenomenal.

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The Tabriz Carpet is originated from northwest Persia being a traditional Mahi in what concerns colors and patterns. Its design and the work which was put in this carpet raised its price and $68,500.



Fereghan Sarouk it is also a Persian carpet which costs $74.500 being an iconic Fereghan Sarouk design and collectors die to have it. It is designed in a symmetrical hour glass style having three medallions spaced down its length.



Portuguese Armorial  was sold for $80,500. This amazing carpet has an detailed border with patterns that point to the square medallion in the center.




Mohtashem Kashan Carpet at a price of $92.500 this incredible Persian piece it is one of the most detailed and wanted carpet in the world. Its quality is incomparable having fabulous details. It is just extraordinary.



.Ziegler Mahal Carpet  is also from central Persia and its price is breath taking: $98.500. Its uniqueness is priceless though. It is a large square cut rug which has as a pattern a flower and its royal colors just make it unimaginable beautiful.





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Isfahan Carpet is something which you really need to own being the fifth most expensive carpet in the world, you can just imagine its beauty and quality. It is part of the collection of Tobacco heiress, Doris Due. It is very valuable being the perfect decoration piece because of its colors and design. It was sold for $116,500.




Ushak Rug is a magic carpet which everybody wish for and your house will become your favorite place to be. Despite being very old it is still one of the greatest rugs in the world. It was designed with extraordinary contrasting colors and has many symbols. Because of its brick-red fields this rug is very desirable. Its price is $158.500




Ziegler Mahal Carpet 2 is the third most expensive rug on Earth. Despite having some defects it was sold with $170,500. The colors which were chosen for this carpet are from another world, being a very large carpet and it can fit in any room being loved by furniture because it can assorted with any kind of furniture. Its holes only make it more vintage and desirable.





The second most expensive carpet in the world is Ziegler Mahal Carpet 3 it is a high-quality rug also from Persia. because of its decorations and its color palette, this rug is something rich people dream at night. It was sold for more than $182.500 and it is still wanted in the entire World.



The most expensive carpet in the world is Silk Isfahan Rug , and you guessed also from Persia. There is nothing you can compare it with, having fabulous craftsmanship, an outstanding density, it is made with pure silk which raises even more its rarity. Its price is $4,450.00 which makes it more than luxurious and eccentric. It was bought in 2008 by a powerful stylish man.




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I hope you will find inspiration in these carpets and you will decorate your house with luxury taste and fineness.


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