4 Front Door Designs Tips

4 Front Door Designs Tips

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Front door designs is a subject many people overlook when it comes to the aspect of their home, but you should take a note and think twice before choosing it!

Front door designs: Impressive Facade

An important part of the outside aspect of a house is the front door. Many people think it’s insignificant and tend to focus more on other parts of the exterior look, but you have to take into account the fact that a front door can completely change the appearance of a house and make a great impression on whoever sees it for the first time. Read on for more tips on front door designs!

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1. Practicality. As beautiful as a front door might be, you can’t ignore the practical importance it has to have. You should consider beforehand how large you want the door to be, according to your needs. If you know you’re going to remodel your home a lot and bring furniture in and out, you should consider adding a larger door than you thought initially, to spare you a lot of effort and complications afterwards. Also, if you don’t have enough light in the lobby, you should probably go for a front door design that includes small windows instead of a solid wooden block.

2. Colors. Color is probably the most important part of front door designs. Generally, you have to match the door to the rest of the windows and the colors you have used for the rest of the home, but there are also exceptions to this. If your windows are in a darker shade, for instance, dark brown or even black, you can choose the front door to be lighter, like white or cream. Neutral shades are more elegant, therefore you can go for cream, beige or elegant hues of purple and red. Crazy colors are used more rarely, but this doesn’t necessarily need to prevent you from using whatever colors you want. You can even have a bright yellow front door if you want to!

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3. Patterns. If in general, people tend to choose simpler front door designs, some intricate or also simple patterns can completely change the aspect of a door. Most doors have geometrical patterns already sculpted in the wood, while metallic ones often have more flowery ones. Wrought iron can also be added in different shapes to a simple door, but it combines best with those who have glass in the center.

4. Style. Again, the style depends on what final result you want to obtain, but there are some general tips we can help you with when choosing front door designs. Metallic ones fit best a modern and even futuristic decor, while for a classic look you should opt for a wooden door in warm color. Generally, wood is a very “warm” material, offering a more friendly look. Glass is also required if you want to let some light in, but if you have enough light in the hallway from the windows, you can forget about it. Last but not least, you can always personalize your door with a wreath of flowers, some bells or a funny door knob if you want to be original and funny!

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