4 Kids Bathroom Ideas

4 Kids Bathroom Ideas

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A kids bathroom requires a little more attention than a regular one, so pay attention to the following aspects!

Arranging a kids bathroom may seem quite easy and it is indeed, there’s nothing complicated about that, but what you need to take into account is the fact that you need to pay attention to a couple of other things than you would do when arranging a bathroom for yourself. If you’re curious to know which are these, read on some kids bathroom ideas!

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Colorful Design

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1. The practical aspect. As much as you tend to focus only on the visual part of the room, you should also think about the practical aspect. And by this we mean that you should adjust the furniture to the age of your kid/s. Given their height, you shouldn’t use regular furniture because that would stand in their way even when trying to do the smallest things. Look for adequate furniture items in the stores (there are plenty out there) or if not, you can buy a small ladder or a chair to help them reach the top shelves on their own.

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Adequate Furniture

2. Safety. Whatever style you choose for your kids bathroom, make safety your top priority. It doesn’t matter how it looks if it’s not safe for your kid, so be careful when choosing the right items in the room. Choose some light furniture, since voluminous and heavy items can be really dangerous in case they fall. Also, do not choose edgy furniture, or glass components. Glass can break easily and it’s better not to risk anything. Take care of the corners: if they are too sharp, you can find on the market useful rubber coverings for corners, edges or other places around. Remember: also integrate rubber rugs on the floor to avoid any kind of slipping that could lead to serious injuries.

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3. Colors. One of the coolest kids bathroom ideas is to decorate it in vivid colors. Kids generally don’t like dark or cold colors, so obviously you will have to make the room as pleasant as possible for them. Here you shouldn’t be afraid to combine different bright colors, since in a bathroom they are totally recommended. Place various colorful items: red, yellow, orange and whatever combinations you like! Kids don’t spend too much time in the bathroom, so the design will not be tiring. If, however, you don’t enjoy using a strong palette, you can go for pale and discreet tones: pale blue, pink, peach hues, or neutral ones: grey, beige, white combinations and so on.

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Funny Decorations

4. Decorations. Decorations are not to miss from a list of kids bathroom ideas! Since you have to make it more attractive and fun for the kid/s, make sure you know what their preferences are. Choose their favorite cartoons or characters and buy decorations based on that. Or even better, go shopping with them and let them choose what toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shower gel or stickers they like. The result will be even more satisfying for them if they contributed themselves to the design!

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