4 Things to Know About Glowing Murals

4 Things to Know About Glowing Murals

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See here 4 things to know about glowing murals, the latest trend when it comes to decorating your walls!

Things to know about glowing murals: Marine Theme

Tired of the same old wallpaper in your home? Want to try something modern and different? Then you should find about the latest trend when it comes to covering your walls, the glowing murals. They are based on a special kind of paint that is invisible during the day (or when light in turned on), but turns your room into a magical place in the dark! And if you don’t believe us, here are some things to know about glowing murals.

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1. They are extremely creative. Given that you use the paint yourself to create wonderful patterns or to share incredible stories, the limit is only your creativity. The more skillful you are, the more unique your room design will be! And what’s even more impressive is that you can add to the original design more and more things as time goes by and you feel the need for a change. More than that, you can have different patterns or drawings for each room, according to the theme you chose for each one of them. So simply let your creativity flow!

2. They are truly magical. One of the most important things to know about glowing murals is that they spare you a lot of effort with the interior decor. Once you decide you want to use this modern wonder, you won’t need to focus as much on the rest of the design. Surely you don’t want to distract the attention from the mural at night to some bright and shiny decoration you include in your decor. And just imagine how great it is to wake up in the middle of the night and see yourself surrounded by a magical and dreamy-like drawings!

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3. You can find glowing murals online. The most popular question and one of the most interesting things to know about glowing murals is that you can find them for sale online. You can find either self-adhesive patterns to stick them on the wall or direct glowing paint that will allow you to paint your own ideas on the walls. However, this task is not quite an easy one, and not everybody is that skilled so as to paint their own rooms, but don’t worry, there’s a solution for this too! You can commission artists to help you with the design or ask the help of professionals with these glowing murals.

4. They are quite practical. The paint can be applied on almost every type of materials, from wood to metal, plaster or masonry and even unglazed ceramic. It can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap, so no need to worry if you change your mind and decide to switch to normal wallpapers. Last but not least, know that it’s easy to cover it with normal wallpaper if you plan at some time to go back to the initial drawings on the walls. Make sure you use your imagination and create a beautiful environment for your rooms!

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