5 Creative Windowsill Ideas

5 Creative Windowsill Ideas

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Check out these awesome ideas for your windowsill!

Part of imagining a great interior design for a room or even for a home is the smart use of the available space. And sometimes the most surprising space solutions come from places you wouldn’t have expected, like small corners or the windowsill. We prepared you a list of windowsill ideas for a better organization of your home and a better interior décor!

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1. Store books and magazines. There will always be some spare books and magazines that you can’t decide to throw away, but you’re not constantly using them either. So instead of keeping them all around and occupying useful space, you might as well take advantage of the windowsill and store place them there. If it’s big enough, you can even keep them organized, ready to be used at any time!

Windowsill Ideas: Plants Spot

2. Keep plants there. Plants are a great way of keeping a home healthy and beautiful, so it’s always a good idea to place them on the windowsill. Chances are they will have better light and air there than in any other place around the house, so it’s all for the best. However, if you have sensitive plants, make sure they don’t stay in too much sun or, on the contrary, not enough of it. Whatever you do, remember that their health is more important than any type of design and any space-saving idea!

3. Loved items. One of the best windowsill ideas is to populate it with your loved items. Whether these are pictures of your loved ones, drawings of your kids, flower vases, decorations crafted by you or your friends, souvenirs from your travels around the world or any other decorations you like. It is not recommendable though to place tall or large items there, since it will block the light that gets into the room. Go instead for smaller and more practical items.

Windowsill Ideas: Relaxing Corner

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4. Transform it into a bench! One of the most relaxing windowsill ideas is to transform it into a bench. Whether you want to stay there with an open window during summer or to drink a hot cup of tea and watch the snow outside in the winter, a window bench is perfect for all that. Plus it doesn’t require much effort from your side: you simply have to buy or craft yourself a pillow for extra comfort and match it to the size of the windowsill.

5. Make it a reading spot. For those of you who love reading, the windowsill may truly be a treasure when it comes to relaxation space. Bring several cushions and/or a comfy armchair, your favorite books and a cup of tea or some lemonade. It’s your choice whether you want to sit on the windowsill or just store the books there, but anyway it’s a great spot for reading, since you benefit the best light in the room, right next to the window. Enjoy your reading!

Windowsill Ideas: Reading Corner

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