5 Green Bedroom Ideas

5 Green Bedroom Ideas

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Green is an excellent idea for a bedroom decor, because it can be fresh and relaxing at the same time!

Green Bedroom: Color Combinations

A green bedroom is not perhaps the first idea that comes to mind when decorating a home, but it’s definitely a cool one! You shouldn’t think too long about it when it comes to choosing a color for your bedroom, but if you’re still not sure whether to go for green or not, check out this list of ideas we made for you!

1. Choose one hue. If you decide to make your bedroom green, you should decide on using one hue all throughout the room. Of course, not everything needs to has that color, but you should mix it with a second color. Usually the second color is a neutral one, like white or black, but if you are creative you can try combining different hues or different colors, even opposites.

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2. Play around with various hues. Even if you choose a green bedroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with hues and various combinations. Don’t be afraid if you have lots of differently colored furniture items, decorations or wallpapers, for instance, they will create a harmonious design in the way that they all belong to the same color spectrum. Many people don’t want to try this because they think everything has to be the same color, but the truth is that this option is a more creative one!

3. Concentrate the color in only one spot. For instance, choose the bed or the bedroom sheet in bright green shades, and leave the rest of the decor in other colors. Of course, you can choose other points to be the main focus of the room, like a certain furniture item or the curtains. If you want to make the color more important in the room, you can complete the design with some small accents here and there around the room for a more homogeneous look.

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4. Use patterns. If you don’t want a totally green bedroom, you can work only with details. For instance, use regular bed sheets, but with green patterns, add a green vase near the window or a small green rug on the floor and that’s it! That’s just one of the countless options you have, and when it comes to choosing a certain pattern, you’re never out of options! From dots to stripes or even drawings to vegetal elements around (leaves, flowers, trees), anything can help you in creating a great green bedroom design!

5. Use your imagination! Of course, you have the option of inspiring yourself from existing green bedroom ideas or you can let your imagination run wild! Why is it a good idea to go for the last option? Because originality is another important aspect, not only for a certain room or color, but in general for an excellent interior design. For this, try picturing the room in as many ways as possible, and only then you can decide which version would you like to keep for a longer period of time. Good luck!

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