5 Reasons to Choose an Open Bathroom Design

5 Reasons to Choose an Open Bathroom Design

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An open bathroom design is becoming more and more popular these days, so you might want to see why.

Open Bathroom Design: Beautiful Bathroom

Recently more and more people tend to choose an open bathroom design rather than the classical closed option. The advantages for such a bathroom and at the same time the reasons for which you should think about going for it in your own home are countless, but here you have some points that may help you in making a decision!

1. More space. One of the most convincing arguments when it comes to choosing an open bathroom design is the space. Of course, this type of bathroom requires lots of space from the beginning, but at the same time it’s much more convenient. It gives you the freedom of installing the size you want for showers or bath tubs. Also, it’s recommended to choose walk-in showers for an extra feeling of freedom.

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2. Freedom to decorate. You can even integrate an open bathroom into a greater bedroom if you want to obtain a wonderful relaxation room just for yourself, for instance. Or you could arrange an outdoor open bathroom design and even include plants or similar elements into the decor. This allows you to use lots of relaxing elements in the comfort of your own bathroom and even cross the line between bathroom and other rooms.

3. Redecorate anytime. Having so much space means that you can arrange and rearrange all the furniture as you wish. Besides the fixed elements, obviously, you can choose a different color for the rugs or the mirror or you can simply change the furniture as often as you wish, without worrying about the size of the objects. More than that, given that you use a larger space, bright colors or clusters are not annoying or disturbing, so you can take advantage of that. Or you can use several bright colors in different corners without them interfering in any way in your interior decor.

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4. Better use of lighting. If you choose a larger space for an open bathroom design, you will not need many artificial lighting sources, since you can use the windows or other natural sources more efficiently. More than that, it will also help you to reduce the maintenance costs in this aspect, even more than a regular closed bathroom design. Also, you will have one less concern when choosing the design, that of the lighting system and how to integrate it in the color scheme and the general style of the room.

5. Modern style. If you want to take advantage of the characteristics and facilities of a modern interior decor style, an open bathroom design is the right choice for you. It offers a greater freedom for choosing minimalistic or futuristic designs for furniture and other decorations, as well as for the colors and patterns you intend to use. Actually, a modern decor style is based on simple colors and furniture, so you might want to think of that since you have that much space to express your ideas.

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