5 Rustic Bathroom Ideas

5 Rustic Bathroom Ideas

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Although a typical bathroom look and a rustic design seem to have nothing in common, a blend between the two is awesome!

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Elegant Look

Rustic style is an everlasting and very beautiful one, even if it’s not very popular. Although there are people who associate it with mountain chalets and cold areas, you should know that if you like it, you can always use it for your home wherever you are. It is mostly associated with living rooms or bedrooms, but for some reason less with the bathroom. And, honestly, it’s really a shame, because the result is impressive, as you can see in our rustic bathroom ideas!

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1. A natural and relaxed atmosphere. If you want to combine the porcelain look of a normal bathroom with the charm of a rustic style, look for natural elements. This can be a common ground to build your style on, so make sure you have plants or wooden decorations around. They match perfectly the general rustic idea, plus they don’t get in the way of the bathroom utility. Also, for a more relaxed atmosphere, you can always add some candles or dim light.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Natural Look

2. Natural materials. Natural does not only refer to style, but also to the materials you use. Try to incorporate as many rock and wood items as you can in the room. Thankfully, there are plenty out there on the market: you can find wooden soap recipients, bamboo decorations or rugs or even real large stones you can place here and there if you have enough space for this. If you can’t really find such elements for your interior décor, it’s okay if you use similar ones or other materials that resemble these.

3. Use textures. Some of the best rustic bathroom ideas is to play around with textures. Generally, any rustic design is based on them, so you should get some inspiration from here. You can either play around with smooth surfaces like the porcelain from the bath tub, but at the same time to integrate rough textures from natural stones placed here and there. Another useful idea would be to choose textured wallpapers instead of real items.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Warm Light

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4. Light. Since you are following natural principles, no wonder it is recommended to use natural light in a rustic bathroom. Ideally, you should have large windows to let natural light in, but that’s not always possible, so you should be careful with what type of lighting you choose. Blue light usually goes better in a bathroom, but as we said, rustic style is about warmth and relaxation, so it’s recommended to choose yellow light or even darker shades. You can find lots of colored light bulbs on the market.

5. Creativity. Creativity is perhaps one of the best rustic bathroom ideas you can have! No matter the material, the style or the size of the room, what’s really important is to use your creativity. This is the key to finding the balance between the neat look of a bathroom and the magical charm of a rustic interior décor style.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Wood Texture

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