5 Small Living Room Tips

5 Small Living Room Tips

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Small living rooms don't need to be forgotten when it comes to style, especially if you follow our tips!

Even if your living room is quite small, that doesn’t mean you should pay less attention to its design. On the contrary, small rooms require more attention to the details and even some tricks to make the space appear bigger or to manipulate the existing light there. We come to your help with an useful list of small living room tips to make the best of what you’ve got!

Small Living Room Tips: Modular Furniture

1. Use white and other light colors. Light colors help in reflecting light, instead of absorbing it, so the room will appear brighter and more spacious in this way. However, an entirely white room can have a hospital-like air, so try to tone it down with other light or elegant colors, like beige, pale yellow, pale pink, peach etc. Also, you can add here and there darker touches, but not too many and mostly as accents.

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2. Use mirrors and glass surfaces. For the same reason you should be using light colors you can use mirrors and glass surfaces too. They make an entire room appear bigger and the atmosphere can be more airy than usual. If you want to use large pieces of furniture, it is recommended to choose ones that have glass doors or glass decorations on them. Similarly, one of the best small living room tips is to go for large wall mirrors as much as possible.

Small Living Room Tips: Elegant Colors

3. Take advantage of natural light. Use it as much as you can during the day! It makes the room look more natural and it enhances the design touches you have here and there. Artificial light can totally ruin the way your interior décor looks, plus it’s healthier, so you should use it less. Make sure you don’t use furniture that blocks sunlight or that you don’t place other things in front of the windows.

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4. Use smart furniture. Modular furniture is certainly one of the best small living room tips we can give you, since it can be easily rearranged. More than that, it can be fit to the available space you have and will not get in your way when you try to move around. Another advantage of this type of furniture is that it can be repurposed; for instance, you can use a piece as a coffee table, nightstand, bookcase and so on, depending on your own needs.

Small Living Room Tips: Necessary Things Only

5. Only include necessary things. Since you don’t have all that space available, it’s time to think well what do you want to keep in your room and what to store elsewhere. Keep only what you will use, some magazines, books, small decorations (if at all) and place unnecessary items outside of the living room. Many people tend to clutter the room in the attempt of having it all handy, but that’s a total no-no if you have a small living room, so think well before planning your design!

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