5 Spa Room Decor Ideas

5 Spa Room Decor Ideas

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Although not many people know that they can have a spa room in their house, it's an amazing way to relax in your own home, so check out these decor ideas!

Spa Room Decor: Large Space

For those of you who have enough space in their homes, the next best thing to do is to arrange your own spa room. And after you decide on that, you should think about your spa room decor. Since this type of room is not that often encountered in many homes, we bring you today some brief ideas on how to decorate your spa room.

1. Allow for a dim or natural lighting. Dim lighting helps in creating a very relaxing atmosphere and in reinforcing the purpose of this room. For this you can use small lights, but it’s even more recommendable to use candles for an extra touch of mystery. Natural light is the wisest option, since it’s not tiring for the eyes at all, but if you don’t have the possibility of using it fully, you can alternate by using colored light. Red is more appropriate for a romantic atmosphere, but yellow or orange are also great ideas for a relaxing air.

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2. Use textiles. Textiles in general are great for making a room look more comfy and familiar, so you might want to play on this detail. Use rugs, large cushions and curtains, since they not only add to the touch of mystery in the room, but also make you feel more comfortable when seeing so many fluffy surfaces around. Also, choose the most comfortable massage table, couch and armchairs you can find, for a complete relaxing experience.

3. Use scents. An important part of a spa room decor that enables a complete relaxation are the scents. Relaxing ones include vanilla, chamomile, roses or any other combinations between those ones. However, don’t limit yourself to only one option, you can choose from essential oils, scented candles, scented sticks and so on. Combine your favorite smells and obtain the perfect essence for a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home!

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4. Use relaxing colors. You don’t really need a fresh look in a spa room decor, so don’t use bright colors. Go for warm tones, warm browns, chocolate-like, dark oranges, dark yellows and similar shades. Even so, that doesn’t mean you cannot throw in here and there some daring accents to make it look more vivid. It all depends on your personality and how you want the room to look in the end. You wouldn’t want it to look too dark either, would you?

5. Go for natural materials. Even though you can basically use any kind of material you want, it is advisable to use natural ones. They create a better environment for a spa room decor and contribute to the overall relaxing tone of the entire room. Go for wood, metal or similar materials, but definitely try to avoid plastic or artificial-looking ones. They will spoil the entire harmony of the decor and will render useless your entire effort of making it look classy and relaxing. Other than that, make sure the materials used match the colors and the scent and you’ll have the time of your life in your own spa room!

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