5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Balcony

5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Balcony

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Balconies are highly underrated when it comes to decorating it properly. If you have a small balcony, here are some ideas to take full advantage of it!

Space-Saving Ideas for Your Balcony: Elegant Space

Usually people use the balcony to store away unnecessary things or rather use it as a second (or third) closet for storing away tools and other similar items. There are some people though who really appreciate the value of an open-air space where you can relax and unwind after a long day at work. But since the space there is really limited, we come to your help today with some space-saving ideas for your balcony!

Space-Saving Ideas for Your Balcony: Relaxing Corner

1. Use flexible furniture. Folding tables and chairs can be a really good idea instead of standard furniture sets, since it saves up a lot of space and can be moved according to your needs. A fixed table will always occupy the exact amount of space and can even get in your way when you want to move around or simply to redecorate the balcony. Another option would be to fix the table to the balcony railing and to make it lift or fold whenever you don’t need it. Same goes for chairs, too.

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2. Redesign the plants there. Using large pots is not of the best space-saving ideas for your balcony, so you might want to shift to smaller ones. Of course, that means you should change or at least switch the plants you already have in your home, and not torture the ones you have by moving them into smaller recipients. There are other ideas too: you can use hanging pots to save space or special recipients that can be fixed on the margin of the balcony.

Space-Saving Ideas for Your Balcony: Small Pots

3. Customization is the key. For square or rectangular spaces, customizing the furniture or plant pots can be one of the best space-saving ideas for your balcony, not to mention if you happen to have round balconies, where it’s even harder to find something to match. Customized furniture is the best option when you want to save some space, because standard sets don’t always fit the available room, so it’s best to make your own measures and then to have the perfect table or the perfect chairs for yourself.

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4. Multifunctional furniture items. A simple piece of furniture that can be used either as a chair, a coffee table or a stand is ideal for small spaces like the balcony. This cuts the need for several items that help with different functions, and so you won’t need to take up much space there. More than that, it will suit every occasion: if you want to relax, you can place your glass of wine there, if you want to relax with more friends, you can sit on it, or if you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast, it can serve as a table.

Space-Saving Ideas for Your Balcony: Small Furniture

5. Use the corners. The corners represent valuable space that is wasted most of the time, so be smart and choose to use them in one way or another. There are special corner furniture items that can be used for storing small things away, so take advantage of them!

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