5 Things to Know about the Bedroom Curtains Design

5 Things to Know about the Bedroom Curtains Design

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Useful tips and ideas for the moment when you have to choose the curtains for the bedroom for the color, length or material!

Bedroom Curtains Design: Elegant Curtains

Curtains are a very important part in any room’s decor, not only for the aesthetic value, but also for the practical one: they protect your room from the sun when you need some darkness or from the cold. That’s why there are some aspects you should totally take into account when choosing the bedroom curtains design, especially since you need some special environment there for proper rest and relaxation.

1. Think about the thickness. Most people use curtains so that they can make dark in their room whenever they want, so it’s very important to think about the thickness. If you think you won’t need darkness in the room, you can simply keep them as decorative, and so you can choose a lighter material. Silk or tulle are sometimes used for more elegant decors.

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2. Materials. And since we’re talking about materials, here what matters most is the style you want to use for the room. As we said, thicker materials don’t usually bring that elegant and high class atmosphere as the thinner ones, so the choice is mostly determined by the general style. However, if you look well, there are some special thick and elegant materials too out on the market.

3. Colors. In what concerns colors, things are pretty customizable. You can choose whatever colors you want, according to your color scheme, but remember to match them properly! However, in general, given the material, the curtains are usually darker than the rest of the room, mainly for practical reasons. You can choose only one color for the entire bedroom, let’s say blue, and then you can play along these lines: pale blue walls, dark blue curtains and so on and so forth.

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4. Decorations and patterns. Most people choose solid colors or bedroom curtains design, but there are also lots of options with decorations or different patterns. One way of making your curtains more creative is to add differently colored patches to the curtains. Lace or similar materials can be a nice addition to a dull-looking curtain, so you might want to consider that as well. Regarding patterns, it is recommendable to complement the rest of the design through the curtains. If the entire design uses solid colors, you might want to brighten it up with some polka dots or geometrical patterns on the curtains. On the contrary, if there are too many patterns on the decorations in the room, the bedroom curtains design should be simple.

5. How to arrange them. Usually it is recommended to place them 6 inches higher than the window, to give the impression that a room is taller. Also, curtains that puddle on the floor have a nice effect and make the room look cozier. Most people prefer their length to be just as they reach the floor, so it all depends on the effect you want to have in the room. However, it’s recommended to have them a little bit longer or wider, so that you can be sure no ray of light creeps in just when you want to sleep more!

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