6 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

6 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

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Feng Shui can be a really life changer if you know how to use it properly, so learn here how to arrange your bedroom in a balanced way!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Warm Colors

There are more and more people who have discovered the ancient belief of Feng Shui and who want to bring this harmony into their homes as well. Even though it sounds quite complicated, we will help you obtain a correct bedroom Feng Shui that will keep positive energy in your home and keep bad one away.

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1. Choose a good headboard. Yes, it might seem a little strange to start off with this advice, but truth is that it matters for a good sleep and for a positive energy. During sleep our body repairs itself on several levels, so it’s important to have solid support for the head. That’s why it’s recommendable to choose a solid wooden headboard or even the entire bed. Upholstered ones can do as well, so you have where to choose from.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Balanced Design

2. Keep free space under the bed. The bed is the central piece in the room and it has to have a proper height and free space underneath. Good Feng Shui energy needs to flow freely under the bed, and this is not possible if you fill up the space with boxes or if you choose beds with built-in drawers. Anything that’s under the bed will block this good energy and the results will be visible.

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3. Keep the bed away from the door. Proper bedroom Feng Shui never allows for the bed to be close to any door. Whether we’re talking about the door of the room or those from the closet, the bed should never be aligned with them, because negative chi will flow towards it. Being too close to the door may distract you and surprise you, forgetting your purpose, and that’s an important reason to follow this advice.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Proper colors

4. Don’t sleep near the window. The window is a great thief of personal energy over time, so sleeping next to it may weaken you over the years. Instead, a solid wall will add even more stability to your sleep and to your position, just like a good headboard does. Combine the two of them and you’ll have a perfect bedroom Feng Shui!

5. Balance the design. The design is a very important part in the energy of your room, so when planning on using the furniture, you should make sure there is some balance around. For instance, if you want to use nightstands, make sure they are similar and placed quite in the same place alongside the bed. This makes for the equilibrium necessary for a good night’s sleep and it balances the design!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Positive energy

6. Avoid the next items in your bedroom. A good bedroom Feng Shui never contains the following: mirrors that reflect the bed or closed doors, fish tanks or paintings with water (oceans, seas), plants (they have too much yang), television, computer or other electronics (they bring bad energy into the room) and books (too many can be overwhelming). Remember to use the right colors and your bedroom is prepared to bring you the energy you need in your life!

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