6 Children Bed Tips

6 Children Bed Tips

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See here some useful tips on choosing or building a bed for your children of any age!

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Whether you need a bed for a toddler or simply want to replace the bed for your older child, you should know some things about choosing and maintaining a bed for your kids. That’s why we bring you today some children bed tips.

Children Bed Tips: Colorful Furniture

1. Measure carefully. The children bed needs to be properly fit into the room, so make sure the size is right for your design or placement of the furniture in the house. If you want some special sizes, other than the standard ones you can find in the store, perhaps it would be a better idea to have a customized one.

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2. Think about the decorations. Many people tend to overdecorate the children’s bed because there are lots of cute toys out there and they simply can’t choose just one. But that, besides being not that healthy or useful for the child (especially when it’s young), it’s not helpful for your design either. Too many colorful toys can ruin the harmony of a beautiful design, so be careful with the decorations.

Children Bed Tips: Comfortable Bed

3. Check the quality. This is perhaps the most useful children bed tips: always check the quality of the bed you’re buying! It’s the best idea to pay a little more for some wood that is more resistant than to choose the looks over safety. Make sure that the bolts and the hinges are in good state, especially if you decide to reuse an old bed or want to build one yourself. If at any point you notice any cracks or holes in the structure, try and fix the bed immediately.

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4. Choose the style. In general, one of the most useful children bed tips is to go for a simple design. And that’s because you can always adorn a simple bed and match it to your current interior décor. It’s not hard to turn a simple furniture item into an elegant one by using tricks such as small falling curtains, a canopy or other intricate patterns and decorations, while if you choose from the start an elegant one, you could not turn it into a simple or a sport one, for instance.

Children Bed Tips: Beautiful Design

5. Place the bed in a well-lit spot. Children need enough light during the day and more than that, their body needs to adjust to the natural cycle of day and night, so placing the bed near the window or at least pretty close to it will help the internal rhythm of sleep of the child. Waking up in the morning with the help of sunshine is better than waking up in a forced manner, so it’s healthier this way.

6. Choose a funny design. For older children who already have favorite cartoons or characters, a customized bed is always a great idea. Who would refuse to go to sleep in an awesome red car bed or a princess one? Such a bed can help you make bed time a pleasant activity and not a difficult goal to achieve every night.

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