8 Living Room Decorating Tips

8 Living Room Decorating Tips

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Are you troubled by the fact that you have to design your living room? Check out our useful tips!

Living Room Decorating Tips: Modern Look

Decorating a living room is not such an easy task as it seems, especially if you want to obtain an exquisite design and a great room for relaxation. That’s why we prepared for you some useful living room decorating tips, to make this task easier for you!

1. Lighten up the room. If you have a small room or if you don’t get enough natural light, lighten and brighten it up by using white. It doesn’t matter if you choose white for pillows, rugs or walls, the effect will be lighter and classier.

Living Room Decorating Tips: Light Up

2. Mix styles. Usually living rooms that respect only one style are quite boring, so we would recommend you to mix several styles. Of course, you should be careful with keeping the harmony throughout the room, but this gives you the freedom of combining several furniture items and decorations that don’t belong to the same style.

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3. Divide the room. Use the walls, ceiling and other decorations to separate several areas in the living room, or even the living room itself from other spaces if you have open rooms. You can separate them for different purposes (e.g., one reading area, playing area etc) or just for design reasons: a red area, yellow one and so on.

Living Room Decorating Tips:  Layered Colors

4. Layer neutral colors. In order to avoid the plain boring look of an aesthetically neutral living room, you should layer them throughout the living room. For instance, use white for furniture items, but go for more elegant neutral colors for decorations: beige, cream, pale pink and so on. Placing a pastel colored cushion on a white sofa will create a truly special effect.

5. Fake your own art gallery. One of the smartest living room decorating tips is to fake an art gallery in your own home. You don’t need to have expensive paintings for this (although if you do, that’s even better!), you just need to hang all the paintings you have on just one wall. It will look beautifully and make your home much more sophisticated.

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6. Use historic elements. Why buy a new coffee table when you can improvise? Take grandma’s old trunk from the attic and put it to good use by replacing the modern coffee table! Not only you will have something that has sentimental value, but you will also spare the money and effort of buying a new one.

Living Room Decorating Tips: Colorful Room

7. Pull the furniture away from the walls. Although you might think that this helps in making the room look lighter or would use the space better, you might be surprised to find out that one of the most clever living room decorating tips is to pull it away from the walls. It creates extra space and the impression that the room is larger, plus it is more creative.

8. Use surprises! In order to make it look newer and more original, you can use surprising materials. For instance, think out of the box and choose an unusual fireplace or coffee table to bring an element of surprise!

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