Amazing Red Kitchen Design Ideas

Amazing Red Kitchen Design Ideas

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Red, the color of passion, is a great color for your kitchen. It helps in waking you up and it's one of the most beautiful colors!

Red Kitchen Design: Clean Aspect

Red is a wonderful color, live and optimistic, even though studies show that it makes people nervous and agitated. Even so, it remains the color of love, and in the right amounts, it can make a room original and beautiful. Such is the case with a red kitchen design, quite an unpopular option, but with results out of the ordinary!

If you want to have yourself a red kitchen design, there are some simple steps to follow. One of the most important things you should note is that you should control the amount of the color in the room. As much as you’d love red and the effect it has on your mood or on the aspect of the interior design, you should keep an equilibrium. Choose a neutral second color and use them in approximately equal amounts throughout the room. Most people go for combinations like red and white, red and black, but be creative and think of original combinations. Some suggestions would be red and beige, cream, yellow and basically anything you like.

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An extra tip if you want to have a glamorous kitchen design is to choose shiny furniture. There are beautiful kitchen closets in a bright red shade, so these would be perfect for your kitchen. Also, you can match red chairs and tables, but make sure that the shades are pretty close, so that there is a certain harmony throughout the room.

Decorations are also essential when trying to obtain an interesting red kitchen design. They can best underline the presence of this color into the room without making it look heavy and overdone. Choose red decorations like cushions, towels, rugs, curtains or other such things and place them strategically around the room. Make sure you don’t place them all in one corner and leave the rest without a bit of color!

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You can also follow the less is more principle and choose only one item in the room to be red. The central attraction of the room can be a bar in the middle of the kitchen or one of the closets, for instance. Even the table can make a beautiful red kitchen design simply by knowing how to choose the right shade and how to match it to the rest of the home decor.

Aesthetically speaking, red is one of the best options for a kitchen. It helps in waking you up in the morning and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a special romantic dinner with your partner, if you want to surprise them. However, many people don’t think it through and choose many furniture items in a bright red color, therefore making the room heavy and unpleasant for the eyes. Another mistake is to choose different shades of red. Unless you know very well which shades go well together, don’t buy lots of decorations or furniture items in different hues, because the room will appear cluttered and rather a random mix of elements instead of a well-thought red kitchen design.

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