Arabic Wallpapers for an Oriental Atmosphere

Arabic Wallpapers for an Oriental Atmosphere

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Try to give an Oriental look to your room by using an original Arabic wallpaper!

Arabic Wallpapers: Central Pattern

Arabic Wallpapers are a great way to preserve an Oriental style in your home with minimum effort and investment. Although you can find on the market lots of wallpapers that claim to be Arabic, you should be well informed about what the Arabic style truly means and how you can accurately have it in your own interior design style.

One sure way to make your home look more Arabic by using a simple wallpaper is to choose one that has Arabic characters on them. You can choose one that really conveys a message in this alphabet or one that simply resembles that design. If you choose the alphabet, you should go for positive messages and motivational ones, to brighten up your day whenever you happen to look at the text on the wall.

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Alternatively, you can simply choose a winding lines design that play along well with other similar patterns spread around the room. Generally, there patterns are used only for a central point on the wallpaper, because if used too much they lose their charm and the wall becomes too dark. Plus, Arabic wallpapers are all about elegance, style and equilibrium, so it’s not recommended to overdo it.

If you’re not satisfied with the Arabic wallpapers you find on the market, you can simply design one yourself. Look up on the internet a pattern or a calligraphic model you like and print it out, then use it to draw on the wall the part that you like.

Remember to use the right colors. The Arabic style in general is about elegance, so the right colors would beĀ  black (for contrast with the rest of the room), gold, silver, burgundy red (a very elegant color, the color of the passion) or any other similar colors. You can play around with hues too, choose a lighter shade of black or simply make unusual combinations in what concerns the colors. Light and warm browns can also be used, especially if you also own wooden furniture and other decorations in warm colors.

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A great idea when using Arabic wallpapers is to mix winding lines to nature images. For instance, the silhouette of a cute bird or a snake is a nice addition to the labyrinth created by intricate black lines design. Also, sketchy images of landscapes can have a nice effect on the rest of the design. Plus, it allows you to take advantage of this motif and use it on other decorations too.

Last but not least , remember that Arabic wallpapers don’t necessarily need to have a plain background. Some people choose for it colors like pale yellow, gold touches, cream and beige variations, but you can also use murals that are much more interesting and bring more color into your room. Marine colors, desert landscapes, themed kids wallpapers or anything you think it would match the rest of the home design. Remember to stick to the main elements when using Arabic wallpapers: elegance, style and harmony!

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