How to Arrange the Attic

How to Arrange the Attic

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The attic is a very resourceful space in your home and you should learn how to take advantage of it!

Arrange the Attic: Playing room

The attic is not one of the most important spaces in the house, but it can definitely become one with a little bit of imagination and some work. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who know how to take advantage of the space they have in the entire house and those who don’t. What category do you fit in? Check out these awesome tips on how to arrange the attic!

1. Plan ahead. Think about what do you want to use the attic for. Do you want an attic bathroom? Or you would rather need a guest room for whenever your friends come for a sleepover? That is entirely up to you to decide the utility of the space in the attic, but make sure you make an informed and well-thought decision, since you wouldn’t want to waste money, time and effort on something you won’t be happy with.

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2. Find multiple uses. Since it’s such a flexible space, you can find multiple uses for it. Design a storage space suitable for several things you have around the home, or a room that can be turned into a relaxation room, lounge, living room or guest room whenever you want. The more uses you can find to the space, the happier you will be after you decide how to arrange the attic and to take advantage of this space often unused.

3. Create a spa room. Yes, perhaps it won’t look just like the spa room you see in movies or maybe it will, but why not transform a space that is wasted into a space for your own indulgence and relaxation? Place there a massage table, aromatic candles and scents, prepare your most comfortable bathrobe and get ready to spoil all your senses!

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4. Separate your desk. Sometimes placing your own desk in the rooms where you usually spend time, you or other family members, can prove to be really inefficient. That’s why a separate desk, like your own office, is more useful than any other techniques you might try to improve your work rhythm and focus. And the attic, being somewhat isolated from the rest of the house, is the perfect place for that! Just remember to furnish it with everything you need and you can freely work there uninterrupted.

5. Playroom. For those who have children, you should arrange the attic in such a way so as to offer the children a great space only for their play time! However, remember to use safe toys and to keep an eye on them as often as you can, even if you reserve the space just for them. But who says a playroom can’t be for grownups too? Buy yourself a Playstation, a pool table, a mini-golf course or anything else that you like. You can even turn it into a creative space, by keeping it for painting, singing (even karaoke!) or other fun activities that help you unwind!

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