Autumn decorations for your living room

Autumn decorations for your living room

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Autumn is the perfect season for a change.

autumn decorations for living room

Autumn is the perfect season to redecorate your living room. The beauty of this season is that it comes with warm colors and joyful details which you can play with in your living room. You have so many colors from which to pick: yellow, red, brown, ruddy and all of them reflect calmness and transform your house in a cosy place.

Autumn decorations for your living room will definitely give you a reason to come back home full of joy.

Just imagine watching how rain falls on the Earth cleaning its “skin” while you are sitting in your living room where it smells like fresh pears and apples and soft leafs are sitting quietly on your coffee table.

For a more rustic living room, a fireplace can’t miss. Choose to have white soft chairs with golden arms and put them near the fireplace. Enjoy a hot chocolate and a book while you hear the symphony of the rain. You can also pick a white fluffy carpet because white goes perfectly with a brown vintage furniture and offers more luminosity to your living room. If you want your living room more rustic try to transform a wall by making it from wood. It will definitely give a sophisticated tone to your precious room.


Let’s imagine how an elegant full of autumnal details  room would look like: modern meets Autumn. This is a perfect combination for romantic souls. Don’t be afraid to combine natural colors like the soft cast of an apricot or an orange and a light white. If you have large windows these will allow to beautify them with silk drapes which can only give you a feeling of peace. Try to pick a coach which can go perfectly with the colors you have chosen for your walls or drapes. You can also choose a white sofa and some elegant classy pillows in nuances of apricot. You must have a glass table on which you can put a stylish plate full of tasty fruits and graceful coffee set. Let your imagination run and put a large mirror on the wall and decorate it with a coronal made of leafs. A wood table in the back of your sofa on which your beloved books wait for you until you will explore them again.  All these details will make your living room greater than a spa.



Play with shades: they are full of energy as we all know. Combine white with shades of brown or orange and decorate your fireplace with autumnal flowers in a big simple vase. You can also pick branches or rusty leaves to show your fireplace that it is very important for you. Go simple and leave your walls white for more brightness but you can choose a dark carpet for contrast. You want to find peace in here and serenity. Make yourself comfortable with some reddish soft pillows and a furry blanket. Make yourself a pleasure and enjoy a delicate wine, because we know that Autumn is the season for perfect wines.


Candles can’t miss from your living room. Chose brown or yellow candles an make a magic corner for them. The light emanated from the candles, relaxes your body. Bring autumn inside and show it that you appreciate it by choosing a dark carpet with leafs details on it, with some shades of brown and gold.



Autumn is a perfect season for you to let your imagination run wild but still graceful. Don’t be afraid to play with details, after all this room is the place where you go to find relaxation and calmness.



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