Balcony Desk Suggestions

Balcony Desk Suggestions

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Having your desk on the balcony could turn out to be the most productive idea ever!

Balcony Desk: Flexible Ideas

The desk usually takes up much of the space in a room, and we are sure you don’t want your living room to be filled with your workspace. There are, of course, more pleasant alternatives, like moving it to a different room or, even better, to the balcony. The best part about moving your desk to the balcony is the fact that you’ll have all the space there just for work, and it’s more space effective to restrain just to that area instead of occupying extra space in the living room. Let’s see some balcony desk suggestions to make you decide!

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1. Fit the furniture. For a better space use, it’s recommended to choose furniture items that fit the exact space in your balcony. Take precise measurements and make sure the furniture fits perfectly, so that you can use every corner on the balcony. If you’re not up for customizing the furniture or doing it yourself, you can always look for specific furniture items out there on the market and you’ll surely find something to match your balcony!

Balcony Desk: Balcony Space

2. The light. Probably the best advantage of having a balcony desk is the fact that you get to take advantage of all the natural light you can! And it’s great if you have to do paperwork, to read or write, since this kind of set up is perfect for the health of your eyes. However, what if you need to work at night? In that case, you should set up a nice lighting installation for the night. Since there isn’t much space, you should go for hanging lighting items or floor lamps, for instance. Also, choose a type of light that is not tiring for the eyes.

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3. The atmosphere. Having a balcony desk is great because of the atmosphere it creates. Working there can prove to be much more effective than in any other place in the house, especially if you have a great view there. Even if you don’t have, the balcony is somehow isolated from the rest of the house, so there should be no distractions (unless you place them there yourself). Plus the fresh air is a welcomed help when you don’t find your inspiration anymore.

Balcony Desk: Balcony Furniture

4. Organizing. Although for a permanent workspace it’s best to fit the furniture into the available space, you can also make a flexible area. Choose folding tables or chairs if you would like to use the balcony for other purposes such as relaxation besides work. This is a good idea especially if you don’t have a big house and every little space matters, so you should learn how to take advantage of it!

5. Design. Being placed in the balcony, you don’t really have many options when it comes to the design of your desk. Generally, it is recommended to choose simple lines and furniture, and perhaps you can spice it up a bit with some daring patterns here and there. Rugs are welcomed too!

Balcony Desk: Flexible Space

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