Simple Steps to an Arabic Bathroom Design

Simple Steps to an Arabic Bathroom Design

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Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don't need to start decorating all over again.

If you’re passionate about the Arabic world, but you think it’s hard to decorate your bathroom in this style, you might want to think again. Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don’t need to start decorating all over again. More than that, the effect will be a relaxing and exotic one, so that you can enjoy every moment you spend there.

One easy trick to give an oriental air to your bathroom is to choose specially theme tiles. Choose tiles with Arabic patterns and you can even combine different types or colors. Usually, colors like beige, grey, gold and pearl white are ideal for this kind of decoration and give the bathroom a special exquisite air.

Another way to change the general appearance of the bathroom is to choose darker colors. If, for instance, for a modern bathroom people go for colors like white, light blue, light green and so on, for an Arabic bathroom design it is recommended to choose shades of brown, grey, beige and other variations. It might not seem much, but the overall aspect will definitely change.

Don’t forget about the furniture! Besides the fact that its colors have to match the walls and the tiles, it is generally recommended to choose sinks or tubs with round edges. Round edges are not so aggressive and offer you an extra feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Towels and curtains. Of course, for an Arabic style, you will need to accessorize the bathroom with towels
and/or curtains in this style. Choose quality materials and whatever colors you like, but be aware that they must match the rest of the ambiance. Who doesn’t love a nice soft quality towel to caress their skin? Especially when the whole bathroom brings the air of Arabian styles and exotic places right into your home.

Ornate models. Even if we’re talking about the towels, curtains, tiles or furniture, you will need to find ornate objects. Golden ornaments are the most sought in this style of decoration, but if you want to try something new, you can go for modern patterns with blue or white lines twisting and twirling all around the bathroom.

Go for a big mirror! Definitely one of the elements that must be in an Arabic bathroom is the mirror. The bigger (and adorned) the mirror, the more space and light it creates, giving a fresh air among all the decorations. For the most daring ones, there are mirrors the size of walls, beautifully adorned around the edges.

A final extra touch if you want a truly special bathroom after you decorated it in an Arabic style are the candles. Light up small candles and place them strategically around the entire room. The dim light will perfectly complement the rest of the decorations, making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy a long bath. If you add some aromatic oils or scented candles, you can be sure that you will instantly be carried to the Oriental world.


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