Steps for a Modern Bathroom Design

Steps for a Modern Bathroom Design

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A modern bathroom design can totally change the aspect of your house, making your friends think you redecorated the entire home. More than that, a modern design is also very easy and fast to maintain clean and it will look really good!

Color combination

If you modernize and fill the rest of the house with tech stuff and modern decor you can also opt for a great modern bathroom design. It is as easy to make a bathroom modern as it is for the rest of the house, or even easier, since you have less furniture and objects to take into consideration. Check the following tips on how to have a modern bathroom design!

Use glass. Modern designs are usually based on a light atmosphere and lots of light indoor, so use glass or plexiglass to create an aerated look. However, you should be very careful in the future, since glass can be really dangerous if broken. If you don’t want to use glass too much, you can strategically place mirrors in order to create the illusion of space.

Plants. In order to obtain the same fresh modern air, you can always decorate the bathroom with some plants. You should choose wisely the plants, because with all the steam and heat that’s in there, they might die sooner than you think. So careful with the type of plants you choose to keep in the bathroom, because it might get in the way of a modern bathroom design really fast.

Lighting. A modern bathroom design requires a good and bright lighting. But since modern design means also bright light and light colors, you really need to set up a good lighting system. Economic light bulbs or LED lighting are the latest trends when it comes to it, so you might do your homework before redecorating the bathroom.

Bright colors. Modern design is always about bright colors juxtaposed with nude or neutral tones. The brighter the main color is, the more spectacular the effect.

Easy to clean surfaces. Modern times are all about time-effectiveness, so for sure you’ll want to use some easy to clean surfaces, that look modern and are also almost self-cleaning. More than that, this will not help only in design, but it will generally ease you life, since you will keep the bathroom clean in virtually no time.

Square figures. Modernity means minimalism and more often than not, minimalism means square figures. So for a modern bathroom design, don’t hesitate to choose square furniture or edgy mirrors, for instance. Usually, round furniture and overly adorned one is associated with past centuries, now is the moment for “aggressive” pieces of furniture.

Quality materials. Choose for your towels, curtains and rugs quality materials to match the surrounding bathroom design. Remember that a cheap looking towel will for sure ruin all the appearance you worked so hard for. More than that, it is always recommendable to choose quality materials if you want the result to be a spectacular one and not to be obligated to invest some more in other decorations later on.

As you can see, it’s not hard at all to have a modern bathroom design, even by rethinking the already existing one and adding some smartly placed modern elements here and there.

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