Unique Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom

Unique Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom

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If you're bored of the ordinary-looking showers, you might be tented by one of the unique shower ideas you will read on.

Unique Shower Ideas: Outdoor Jungle Shower

Not everybody wants a standard home and regular furnishing. For those of you who are looking for something more special, it’s not hard to be creative and to make a difference in the way you furnish your home. If you feel that you need some help, have a look at the following unique shower ideas, for an extra of creativity and relaxation when you enter the bathroom.

Aquarium Shower. For those who love the sea and the ocean, why not bring some of it to your own bathroom? You can incorporate slim aquariums into the shower’s walls and match the ocean’s colors in the rest of the bathroom. However, pay attention! If you choose to have fishes in the aquariums, note that they really need all your attention and care in order to survive, they’re not just for decor.

Outdoor Shower. If your house has a patio or a garden that’s not visible to your neighbors, you can take advantage of it and use some unique shower ideas. An outdoor shower is an original idea, and it’s a great experience to take a shower in the nature. More than that, you can design a natural background for the shower and to be one with the nature.

Rock Tub. Outdoor shower or not, you can still have a rock tub. It’s natural and you can bet it’s ultra resistant. Still, it’s one of the best ideas to have in your bathroom. It brings you closer to nature, and even more than that if you chose to build an outdoor shower.

Rain Shower. Although this is an outdoor idea for your shower, you can still customize it and use it indoor. The idea is very simple: make a main frame and connect the water pipes to it. Then enjoy your wonderful rain shower right in the comfort of your own home. Needless to say, this is great to place near the pool or the beach.

Skyline Shower. For those who are more daring and own an apartment at the highest floor of a residential tower, you can place your shower right next to the window. These buildings are mostly built from glass, so it’s not hard. What’s hard though is to take a chance and have a shower right next to the window, where everyone could see you. Of course, not everybody lives at the same floor, but a pair of binoculars can make your shower much more interesting.

LED Shower. Take advantage of the wonders of technology in the last years and install some colored LED lights in your own shower. It’s not that hard and the best part is that you can choose your favorite colors. Moreover, you can play around with patterns, light changes and variations of color. There is also on the market a device that changes the light of the shower head depending on the temperature of the water.

Regardless of the shower idea you choose, remember that a shower is a place to relax and to forget about all your troubles, so enjoy a hot steamy shower in a pleasant environment every time you get the chance.



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