Bedroom Accent Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Accent Lighting Ideas

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Interior design is not entirely about furniture and colors, but also about lighting. Check out these accent lighting ideas!

Bedroom Accent Lighting: Surrounding Light

Lighting is quite an important part of the bedroom, besides the actual interior decor. Even more so, it can be used to emphasize certain aspects of it and even to highlight the best parts, thus counting for a great way of tricking anyone with your design. But let’s see some ideas and tips for bedroom accent lighting.

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1. Accent lighting can be used smartly. It’s great for emphasizing certain parts of the room or of the decor. For instance, if you want to attract the attention to a special corner or a special color mix-up, you should place some discreet lighting there. In this way, when the lights go out, you will have ambient delicate lighting pointing out a bright color in a semi-dark atmosphere.

2. Mysterious atmosphere. Nothing makes a bedroom more relaxing and mysterious rather than the perfect lighting. Whether you go for LED lights or lamps, bedroom accent lighting is essential for a great outcome. You can choose to place a row of lights on one wall and keep the rest of the room in semi-darkness, or simply randomly place small lights around the room.

3. Colors. Colors are also an important part of the bedroom accent lighting. They can totally define the atmosphere in the room and turn it from fresh to relaxing or romantic in just an instance. If you could use a lighting system that allows you to change the color instantly or at least with small effort, that is great. Otherwise, you can install several rows of colored LEDs and use them according to your mood and the atmosphere you want to obtain in the bedroom.

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4. Be smart and reuse Christmas lights! They can be a great on the spot solution for when you want to improvise or you simply don’t have the patience to design intricate lighting systems for your bedroom. And here, the limit is only your imagination, since they are very flexible and can be used virtually in any manner. Place them above the bed instead (or even on) the canopy and enjoy a magical dream-like atmosphere! Other things you can do include mounting them on the walls in different shapes according to your own preferences, and here you can also use several of these, even one on every wall if you prefer so.

5. Play around with patterns! A beautiful bedroom accent lighting can be obtained by placing a normal light source behind a panel with an interesting decorative pattern carved in it. For instance, place a normal light bulb (or colored, if you want) behind a plywood that has holes in it or flowers, or other plants and basically anything else! The best part is that you can create such thing yourself by crafting certain patterns or shapes in any plywood or wooden panel you have. It’s easy and it saves you some money, while at the same time challenging your creativity. Whatever option you choose, make sure it’s suitable for your bedroom and enjoy the special light!

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