Bedroom Ceiling Design Suggestions

Bedroom Ceiling Design Suggestions

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The bedroom ceiling also plays an important role in enhancing your design, so make sure you know how it's better to arrange it!

Bedroom Ceiling Design: Colored Light

A great part of the design of the bedroom is the ceiling. As simple as it may seem, the ceiling can be a great place to use your creativity and to introduce new and original elements to the interior design of your own bedroom. Therefore, we thought of some useful ideas to help you see the possibilities of decorating your ceiling.

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1. Use your own skills. Nothing compares with a drawing or a painting you made yourself. It brings the entire design a whole different atmosphere and it makes it unique, not to mention that you will also feel more attached to that specific design more than if you had used someone else to paint it. In this matter, you can be as creative as you wish, using any source of inspiration, from personal imagination to nature, traveling, books, movies and virtually anything. For a sense of equilibrium though, it would be better to continue the main idea of the design (for instance, if you have a blue design, you can paint marine themed images).

2. Fake ceilings. Using a fake ceiling is a growing trend in the last years, so you might consider it for your bedroom ceiling design as well. Thankfully, this can prove to be very creative too. You can shape the fake ceiling in various ways, from geometrical patterns to delicate or even daring ones. The best part about fake ceilings is that you can color them differently than the rest of the walls. Pro tip: if you want to create an awesome effect in the bedroom, try placing colored lights in between the actual and the fake ceiling.

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3. Use an impressive chandelier. Who says that an impressive chandelier can be used only in the living room or dining room, for instance? Use an elegant or a modern one in your bedroom too for an amazing home and a great interior decor! Of course, you have to adapt the design to the rest of the room, so make sure the style of the chandelier isn’t so different so as to spoil the harmony of the entire decor. More than that, check that the material is appropriate for the room: a glass chandelier might be a little too elegant for a casual or industrial bedroom.

4. Use canopies. A canopy is a great way of decorating the ceiling in a bedroom when you want an Oriental bedroom ceiling design. Choose a quality material if you want an exquisite look or simply use more material to hang from the ceiling. You can further adorn the canopy with small crystals, flowers or choose a patterned fabric in the case you want to brighten up an interior decor made up with only solid colors. Last but not least, if you choose a canopy, you can complement the textile appearance of the bedroom with similar fabric used for the curtains and the rugs. All you have to do after that is to relax in a wonderful bedroom!

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