Design Your Own Egyptian Style Bedroom!

Design Your Own Egyptian Style Bedroom!

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For whoever loves a piece of the Orient, an Egyptian style bedroom is always a good idea for a change in your home. Decorating a bedroom in an Egyptian style is easier than you might think, thanks to these useful tips!

Egyptian paintings

Egyptian style is fascinating indeed. A lot of people love this exotic culture and the market of decorative objects that represent symbols in the Egyptian culture is continuously growing. If you’re not fully decided to have an Egyptian style bedroom, you might want to consider just adding some elements that will make a nice blend with the style you already have.

Luxurious fabrics. Quality and elegance are the key words when it comes to making an Egyptian style bedroom, so be careful with choosing the materials for the room. You can at all times buy an elegant bed set and it will completely change the atmosphere in the room. Add quality curtains and rugs and voila! Don’t forget to match the curtains to the bed linens for a full effect.

Low bed. A low to the floor bed or with tall posts will help in creating a canopy for instance. More than that, since the bed is the main element in the room, pay extra attention to choosing it and its decorations. You can choose side tables with Egyptian decorations or simply bed linens with this kind of patterns.

Since we mentioned it, a canopy is perhaps the most effective way to have an Egyptian style bedroom. Not only that it’s gorgeous, but it also creates a magical atmosphere so that you can have your very own piece of the Orient in your bedroom. Remember to choose quality materials and dark, elegant colors.

Egyptian art. Don’t be afraid to use Egyptian art in the bedroom, even if you’re not a fan of it. You can use paintings, papyrus scrolls or even statues. You can be creative and adorn the walls with hieroglyphs, whether you choose a wallpaper already printed as such or you draw them yourself over the existing layer of paint. Also, choose some special, elegant colors for them. Sure, you can go for black, but gold or silver are really impressive.

Accessories. Don’t be afraid to place Egyptian accessories all around the room, for a full effect. Choose statues, busts, reliefs or ceramic vases, for instance. Other options are gold statues (careful so that they will not look kitsch!) or floor plants. A clever trick is to place a black framed mirror on one of the walls for a dramatic effect. However, you should pay attention to the way in which you arrange them, you don’t want your room to look cluttered. Place them strategically, so that they will attract your eye one after the other.

These tips are a clever shortcut to transforming you room into an Egyptian style bedroom with little effort and time. And what’s best is that you can use all your imagination to decorate and place patterns around the room. Still, as excited as you can be, remember the limit and don’t clutter the room. A cluttered room will never look cozy or stylish and it would be a shame to spoil the wonderful effect of Egyptian decors and patterns.

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