Black Living Room Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Black Living Room Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

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Be creative and choose black as a main color for your living room design. Trust us, you won't regret it!

Black Living Room: Harmonious Mix

As you’ve found out previously, black is a very elegant color and a statement in interior design. Black bedrooms are great for creating a unique design that will fuel an intimate atmosphere and a stylish design. Read on to see how you can design a beautiful black living room design and transform your home into an interior design statement!

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Even if you think choosing black decor and furniture is everything when creating an original black living room, you might want to think that again. An all-black room will certainly not be attractive and will not make you relax or invite you to a relaxing talk with friends or relatives. On the contrary, just like with any other color, if you overdo it, the effect will be far from what you expect and the room will look dark and gloomy, rather menacing than relaxing.

The trick to obtain a wonderful black living room is to find the equilibrium. Naturally, you should choose a second color for the color scheme, and depending on that color you should buy decorations and furniture. Be careful when blending the two colors! Of course, you can choose to have half a room black and half red, but a nicer effect would be to mix them in a harmonious way. Mingle black and red and interpose them. One example would be to choose a black leather couch, but add some red cushions on it to obtain a beautiful contrast.

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You can also play around with textures. Play on leather and velvet, on modern textures or elegant ones in order to better underline the effects of the two dominant colors in the living room. Thankfully, black can be used with elegance on any material and it will still look gorgeous. Be daring and combine leather, velvet or cotton! Usually, people choose to combine black, white and red in the same room, and this results in a beautiful visual equilibrium. Don’t be afraid to add some more accents if you want to insert a special touch to your decor! For instance, if you want to have a more Oriental style in your home, you can add some golden patterns on the black elements in the room. Red and gold or black and gold are some of the most elegant chromatic combinations you can find.

Last but not least, remember to pay extra attention to the lighting. Since you spend time in the living room mostly during the day, you will need enough light for whatever activities you want to carry on there. For instance, let’s say that you have some guests over and you want to have a delicious coffee, well, you will need to see the coffee table and preferably not to spill any of it around. Not to mention that if you want to read, you need lots of light, and it’s recommended to take advantage of the natural one as much as you can. This is especially important since the black in the room can attract all the light and make the room very dark.

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