Blending Two Styles – Modern Arabic Decor

Blending Two Styles – Modern Arabic Decor

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Lately the most recent trends show that more and more people tend to blend in their Oriental-decorated homes modern elements through furniture, rugs, curtains and many others.

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Arabic style is indeed fascinating, but a home decor needs to adapt and change according to the times. That does not mean that you can’t have a nice modern Arabic decor that would combine elements from both sides. However hard that may appear, it is quite easy to obtain. Moreover, it is a nice challenge to play around with different elements and to find a way to fit them together in the same house.

Play around with edges and corners! Usually, round shapes and corners are typically Arabic, and edgy furniture and objects are related to modern interior designs. Combining them can result in a nice blend of eastern and western styles. For instance, you can choose square furniture and combine it with round rugs or towels and curtains with round patterns, or the other way around.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! You can try keeping the old tiles in kitchen or bathroom with an Arabic pattern, for instance, but combine them with modern minimalist furniture, very spacious and in light colors. Also, you can try eliminating the patterns on the tiles and transferring them to the towels, curtains or rugs, to make a nice combination between the two styles.

Colors are also very important. Elegant colors can be a meeting point between the Arabic decor and modern one, so you can use for instance pearly white, light blue, light green or different shades of gray for each one of the elements you decorate your home with.

Another trick that can be used to make a modern Arabic decor in your house is lighting. Lampshades can really change the overall aspect of an interior design, so choose wisely. A darker shade of the lampshade can create a more mysterious atmosphere,  more intimate, while a strong, bright light will make the surroundings look more modern and it will be more practical. If you are on the fence and you would like to keep both, go for an adjustable light that will suit your needs at all times.

Quality materials. You can’t have an Arabic style around your house with poor quality materials, so for whatever textiles you use, make sure they are good quality. The advantage is that good quality materials will keep their color in time and they will look much more elegant, keeping the precious appearance.

Elegance is another important thing to think about when combining Arabic and modern elements in your home. Even if you have minimalist furniture, you can add elegant lampshades, decorations or rugs, and you will see how the entire atmosphere changes instantly. Vases and lighting elements are clever points to use for switching the styles and if you don’t believe that, try focusing on each of the two ways to decorate in two different rooms. The difference will be obvious even for someone who is not good with interior design.

Using these tricks, almost anyone can redecorate their homes in a nice and simple way, keeping the old Arabic style, but also adding a touch of modernity. This is a clear way to make your home a unique blend of the two styles which will definitely impress everyone!

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