Bookcase Designs for Your Living Room

Bookcase Designs for Your Living Room

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See here crazy ideas and designs for any book lover who doesn't know what design to choose for his bookcase!

Bookcase Designs: Round Bookcase

Bookworms and book lovers, gather round and see how bookcase designs have transformed from something useful to art! Any book fan knows that a bookcase is not just a furniture item where you store books away, but a great source of pleasure and fantasy. And you know what they say, those who read live more lives than those who don’t! So enjoy here some ideas for bookcase designs!

1.Futuristic bookcase designs. More and more futuristic styles have left their mark on the furniture items in recent years. And that consists not only in linear or geometrical design, but also in the materials used. Modern furniture uses metal and plastic more and more, unlike the traditional style where more wood is used. Simple lines ad metallic touches are enough to make for futuristic bookcases.

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2. Traditional bookcases. These bookcases have an iconic image that everyone in the world recognizes. Warm wood is generally used for this, and mostly a highly resistant one, so many people have inherited such a bookcase from their grandparents. If you have one, don’t throw it away because such an ancient bookcase is more resistant than lots of new ones! Plus it has a special feeling and it brings a classic air to any room decor.

3. Crazy original bookcase designs. The best part about bookcases is that they don’t have to be necessarily bookcases. You can simply improvise and fill a wall with separate shelves. Or you can stack the books on the floor in front of the entire wall and call it a bookcase. Or stuff books in a closet or anything like that. Practically, all you need to do is to use your imagination and the available resources if you want to have an original bookcase.

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4. Unusual shapes. Many people choose to configure for themselves a geometrical unusual shape, like a diamond or simply playing around with shapes. Furniture modules might actually prove pretty useful for this, since they can be placed and rearranged as you wish. Round, triangle, angled or anything you can think of, you can craft it yourself and have unusual shapes. Plus you will be more than satisfied knowing that it’s your own work there and you will enjoy it yourself.

5.Colors. In what regards the colors, you have total freedom. Of course, total freedom in what concerns the rest of the design, since you can’t spoil the harmony of the rest of the decor only through the bookcase. Make sure the general design matches the rest of the room. For instance, in a classically decorated room, you can’t simply install a futuristic-looking bookcase, or the other way around. Also, if you have a dark-colored themed room, you can’t place a bright green bookcase because it will ruin the entire harmony of the interior design. It is best to think in advance about the style in the room and the style of the specific bookcase you intend to buy or to craft, and only then match them.

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