Bring Arabian Fantasy to Your Kids’ Room With Arabic Decor Accents

Bring Arabian Fantasy to Your Kids’ Room With Arabic Decor Accents

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If your kids love the Arabian Nights story, they will certainly be very happy to have their own room decorated as if from a fairytale.

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A nice way to make a surprise for your kid and redecorate his or her room is to bring Arabic decor accents. Maybe you want to create a special room on an Arabian nights theme or you want to blend in modern accents and Arabian elements, but either way, how can a kid not be happy with a new room?

A baldaquin is perhaps the most simple way to make the room look totally different. You actually bring a piece of the EAU to your kids’ room by placing a nice quality material over the bed. Choose the color your kid likes and decorate the material with golden stars or Arabic accents and patterns for a full effect. The kids will certainly love it and don’t forget about the practical part of this idea: it protects the kids from mosquitoes, bugs and other “dangers”.

Bright colors. Use bright colors for decorating the kids’ room for a more oriental air. Bright pink, blue or red are great colors to choose for curtains, cushions or rugs, especially if they are decorated with Arabic patterns in silver or gold. The contrast is really beautiful and elegant, plus it reminds you of the home designs in UAE.

An Arabic pattern wallpaper can also do a great job in redecorating a room, plus it can nicely fit in with some modern furniture. The square edges of modern furniture can blend in wonderfully with the round and snaky patterns on the wall, creating an unique style just for your kid’s room.

Another great idea for bringing the air of the UAE homes into your own home is to hang some lanterns. Whether you prefer them all to be in the same color or to pick different colors for them, lanterns create a dim light that matches the mysterious air in the Emirates, specific to the Oriental style. Add some patterns on the lampshades around and watch how your kid is taken to a fairytale world!

Arabic pattern sheets. Don’t forget to change the sheets to match the general new decor. Again, the Arabic decor accents can do wonders, plus it will remind the children about Arabian nights and make them fall asleep much easier. That is, if you read them a bedtime story that will match their decor.

Strategically place rugs all over the room. Not only you can choose Arabic patterns for a redecoration, but you can also make sure the kids have warm feet at all times and they will also like it. More important, if you do a good job in making an Arabic kids’ room, they will feel like they enter a completely different world whenever they step into their room. You can even make special storytelling nights, lighting some candles and telling Oriental stories, which will be a definitely special experience for the children.

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