Can You Keep a Secret? Hidden Room Ideas

Can You Keep a Secret? Hidden Room Ideas

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Hidden rooms are a great idea for playful adults and creative parents. Check out these great hidden room ideas!

Hidden Room Ideas: Hidden Bar

It is generally known that grownups have totally forgotten how cool it is to be a child and to have lots of fun. Hide and seek seems a long lost game when you’re an adult, but is that really so? Check out these great hidden room ideas and have fun hiding around!

Although a classic and overused idea in the spy movies, a door to a hidden room that is actually a library is quite a great idea. You can use it even in the living room and create a secret passage to another room in the house. Let your kids discover it and pretend not to know! If you have a passion for technology, you can even make a certain book open the door to the other room.

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Talking about kids, another great one of the hidden room ideas is to make a secret passage between kids’ rooms. They will be very happy to see that they can sneak out to each other’s rooms and it may even help them bond and get along better! However, it will make your life a little bit complicated since you won’t know that they are really in their rooms.

For book lovers, hidden room ideas can be transformed into hidden reading nook ideas. Why not decorate a small niche behind your own bookcase and isolate yourself from the rest of the world? Make sure you also place a small table there for a cup of tea or hot cocoa!

If you want to get playful when decorating your home, you can hide the guest facilities behind fake walls or bookcases. Since you’re not using them all the time, you might as well conceive some hidden entrances for them. Just like you use a fake ceiling, you can similarly create a fake wall that can open up to a guest secret bathroom or a bedroom. It’s guaranteed hat your guests will be impressed and will want to come back!

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Get ready to party with a hidden bar! Place your bar in a hidden niche or even a small room and make it visible whenever you’re having a party. Add some balloon decorations and you will have a great room for parties and birthdays!

You might appreciate these hidden room ideas even more if you’re a wine fan. A great wine bottles collection can easily be stored behind a fake wall. More than that, if you have an entire cellar you keep, you can hide it too behind a stone wall pattern.

Last but not least, you can hide every utility room you have around the house. A small closet, a niche where your keep your tools, storage spaces and anything else that does not look that great can be hidden with some smart techniques and efforts. Your house will look great and it will appear that you don’t have any such room at all. Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest too much in creating hidden rooms, you can disguise the doors and blend them into the pattern on the walls. Good luck!

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