Canadian Home Decor

Canadian Home Decor

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Canadian home decor is not so popular, but here's why in our opinion it's awesome and deserves to be!

Canadian Home Decor: Cozy Decor

What many people don’t know is the fact that Canadian home decor is one of the most stylish and relaxing ones. It might not be that popular, but we believe that if there is something to learn from each decor style, Canadian decor can help us learn how to organize and keep a beautiful aspect in our homes. But let’s see some ideas on how to create a Canadian home decor!

1. Order and tidiness. Perhaps this type of home decor doesn’t have many particularities, but we can tell you for sure that order and tidiness are definitely some characteristics! Try to keep as much as possible a clean aspect, and for this it is important not to clutter the rooms. Regardless of what room we are talking about, keep things in order and maintain it as much as possible to have a first step towards this decor accomplished.

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2. Play around with solid colors and patterns. Have an equilibrated decor by combining both solid colors and patterns. For instance, if the furniture has solid colors, you can try and invigorate the room a little bit by using decorations with patterns. Stripes, polka dots, vegetal sources of inspiration, they can be the perfect solution for a room that looks dull. The limit is only your imagination!

3. Simple colors. Simple colors doesn’t only mean you can’t use bright ones, on the contrary. It only means that you should use them in an equilibrated manner. A burgundy red room, for instance, might prove to be quite tiring for the eyes, but not if you use that color just for decorations or small accents around the room. The best would be to pick a neutral background color, like grey or white, black, or even a light pale color (pale blue, peach etc), and then to add brightly colored accents here and there for a more creative design.

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4. Geometrical shapes. Canadian home decor is based on lots of organizing and tidiness, and geometrical shapes fit into this description. Use them for furniture items, mirror frames, wall decorations, stickers, vases, windows and anything you can think of. Even if you use different ones, they will create a sense of unity and harmony throughout the rooms, simply because they belong to the same idea. You can even designate one specific shape for each room, like circles for the living room, triangles for the kitchen and so on.

5. Make sure you have enough light in your home. Canadians use to create their homes in such a way so as to take full advantage of natural light, and this influences the interior decor as well. So make sure you use natural light as much as you can and if you’re wondering what effect might this have on your decor, you should know that this type of light reflects best colors compared to artificial light, plus it gives the entire room a more natural look. This being said, enjoy your Canadian home decor!

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