Childproof Your Home and Keep Your Child Safe

Childproof Your Home and Keep Your Child Safe

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When a child appears in the family, it's necessary to make some changes when it comes to the house arrangements: furniture needs to be childproofed, same as windows, doors and so on. Read the following list of tips on how to childproof your home!

As much as you want to decorate your house in a certain way, when a child gets involved in the discussion, you simply have to take all the precautions needed to prevent any accidents. The best idea is to childproof your home and not to leave pointy objects, sharp edges or dangerous objects anywhere where the kid might reach. Read on for more tips and tricks on how to childproof your home.

Safety latches and locks.

Cabinets and drawer in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere else need to be closed for good for the kids not to have access to medicine, knives, scissors or household cleaners, for instance. The more complicated the latch or lock, the better and anyway, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Safety gates.

Probably the most popular solution when you childproof your home, the safety gates are a great investment in your child’s safety. There have been countless incidents reported with kids that fell down the stairs and injured themselves. Although they may seem to incommodate you, think about the greater purpose of them. Look for stairs that are pretty resistant, since the child can pull, push or try to dismember them.

Door knob covers and door locks.

These are quite useful in preventing the children to enter a certain room. When you’re having a party for instance, you can store in a certain room all the dangerous elements around and use a door knob cover or a door lock to keep children away. It’s one of the most popular solutions to childproof your home. Again, make sure that it’s solid enough not to be destroyed by a child.

Anti-scald devices.

Even a moment of not paying attention from the parents can leave a kid free to go the bathroom or kitchen and turn on a faucet. Burns are some of the most often encountered issues with children, so an anti-scald device is perfect. You can set the maximum temperature for the water so that you can prevent any dangerous situations.

Smoke detectors.

Not only for children, but also for your own safety, you should consider installing some smoke detectors. Unfortunately, so many fires that could have been prevented have been reported and they could all be avoided by using a simple device like a smoke detector.

Window guards and safety nets.

If you have many windows, balconies or decks, you should definitely use window guards or safety nets to childproof your home. Windows screens are not very effective in preventing children from falling, so you need to add extra protection to that. Make sure to check every once in a while that they are properly installed and maintained, so that you can prevent any kind of surprises.

Corner and edge bumpers.

Last but not least, corner and edge bumpers are great when you want to childproof your home. Many furniture items are square and have sharp edges or pointy sides, and unfortunately there are the ones children use when they start to walk or to play. Corner and edge bumpers are great in preventing any kind of wounds or bruises that may appear.

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