Why Should You Choose a Modern Japanese Home Decor?

Why Should You Choose a Modern Japanese Home Decor?

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Check out how great this combination between modern and Japanese styles it is and think about applying it for your home!

Home Decor: Oriental And Modern Mix

Modern Japanese home decor is a great combination for those who have a passion for the Japanese culture and not only. It brings together oriental and occidental decorations, simplicity and style, all in a wonderful and very beautiful way. Read here some of the reasons why you should choose a modern Japanese home decor for your own home.

One of the reasons for which you should totally choose the modern Japanese home decor is that it’s really easy to do. Simplicity is one of the main characteristic of the Japanese culture and it’s not hard at all to find furniture that follows this principle. Even if you buy furniture from IKEA, it’s easy to match it so as to obtain a simple, yet elegant decor. Also, since we’re talking about furniture, you should know that in this culture and decor, the furniture does not occupy lots of space in the room, therefore contributing to a more airy atmosphere and a spacious room. So, try to choose small items that resemble each other and have a harmonious style.

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Another good reason for going for this style is that the colors are not complicated at all. Following the same simple principle, this decor uses uni colors, like black, white, neutral colors (beige, cream etc), but sometimes you can brighten it up by using a vivid color: bright red, green, blue or any of your favorite colors. However, you should choose only one item in the room to be in that color, like one wall, one furniture item and so on and so forth.

You can also combine oriental and occidental decorations you have around. Certainly you have both of them, at least from your previous travels in the world, and they are great for putting together a modern Japanese home decor. For instance, you can hang on one wall paintings with Japanese thematic, and on the opposite one, pictures with modern or urban elements. Although it might seem a little nonconformist, with a little taste and some information it’s not hard to combine opposite elements.

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And if you want more reasons for which to choose modern Japanese home decor, you have to admit that it’s extremely classy and stylish. The mix between oriental and occidental, between wooden furniture and high technology create an original atmosphere and a fabulous decor. Nevertheless, your personal style will be still visible, because there are no two modern Japanese home decor the same.

Last but not least, we should not forget that not many people are fans of this style, so your guests will totally be impressed when they will notice the beauty of this style. And since it’s so original and rare, it’s even more amazing that it can be obtained with simple and handy furniture items. Find your inspiration and equilibrium in this wonderful and  great modern Japanese interior design and use your creativity and inspiration!

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