Choose your Bathroom Colors Wisely

Choose your Bathroom Colors Wisely

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choose your bathroom color

There is an art even in choosing the colors for your bathroom and these must be chosen in order to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and pleased every time you enter in the bathroom because we saw in a previous article that the bathroom can be transformed in a personal spa, so we must choose carefully.

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When we are on our way to choose the tile color we might realize that it is a difficult stressful choice which really gives us headaches. Because we want something really special and with all the variety of shades, hues and designs we reach the point where we don’t know any longer what we want. So let’s see some tips that will help you choose your bathroom colors wisely.

First of all you must look what colors the walls have and what other decorations are in the bathroom or you might want to add and compare the color samples of these with potential tiles. It is very important to ensure that the decor you have now in the bathroom will match with the tile you are buying. We want no surprises after that.


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The second step is to decide either you want varied, complex or simple tiles or you are more of one-shaded tiles person. If you want a jolly bathroom you might take into consideration a multi-color tile which will draw attention and make you feel more dynamic and this type of tile makes the other things in the bathroom not that important because you will be focused on it and on the other hand a matching tile will make your eyes pay more attention at the furniture and decorations.

Next combine the style of your entire house and mix it with the choice of the tile. If you have a modern home than pick some vivid colors like black, white or golden purple, if your house is more vintage and classic than you might want to search for Terra cotta, rustic or pastel colors.


Now that you’ve done that, it is important to take a model of potential tile and bring it into the future bathroom to see how the light from here puts it in evidence, because the light from your bathroom is different from that from the store. Put the tile in different places and analyse how the light is making it look.

The last step is to know that for smaller, more compact rooms you should choose lighter and shades colors to make the room look more spacious and larger. If you choose dark shades like black or brown the room will appear smaller buy those overly large rooms will give you a feeling of cozyness and comfort.

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In what concerns the floor you can choose a floor tile that matches with the actual tile or you can be more creative and choose Modular Carpet which will give a modern look to your bathroom and it will make it feel more cozy. FLOR tiles is a new invention which really revolutionize the aspect of a bathroom. This FLOR it s a wide variety of modular carpet tile which can be easily installed by anyone.


“The FLOR tiles are great because any individual piece can be removed, cleaned, dried and then put right back into place with no trouble,” says Sheila. “Obviously, this is exactly what you want in a bathroom, where there’s a lot of moisture. Not just any wall-to-wall carpet would work as well as this does in my bathroom.” says Sheila Harris of Bowling Green, Ky.



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