The Cinderella of Your Home – Balcony Decor

The Cinderella of Your Home – Balcony Decor

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Put some effort into it and reuse all the wasted space on the balcony! You'll be surprised to see how beautiful can it be!

Balcony Decor: Panorama

Do you even spare a thought for your balcony, this Cinderella of your home? This name might appear weird to you, but if you stop for a second and think about it, it’s true! It’s the most overlooked part of many homes, and we bet you don’t think about it often either. But just because the space there isn’t very big, that doesn’t mean you can simply forget about the balcony decor and use it as a storage space. If you’re interested to see how beautifully can a balcony decor be, read on!

What if you transformed your balcony into a modern and minimalist dining room? Yes, most of the times there’s no space on the balcony to integrate a table, but here’s where your creativity comes in. You can make this space a bar along the windows and install some bar stools where you can have a snack and why not, even entire meals. And every meal will come with a view if your apartment is on a high storey and you have a wonderful panorama!

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A mini-living room is also a great idea for a balcony decor. Coffee tables are small and flexible, so they can easily fit in the small space of a balcony. Add a small couch or armchairs, an interesting decor (for instance, vintage) and there you go, a lounge or a living room perfect for a couple of guests. Or you can take the relaxation to the extremes and make this space a place where you can disconnect and unwind, forget about responsibilities and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea.

For those who love riddles, we have one for you: what does not require much space and can fit into a balcony decor? A reading nook, of course! Bring some shelves here to store your favorite or current books that you’re reading, some cups, decorate the place with lots of cushions on a couch, a rocking chair or even a hammock and don’t forget to thank us when you relax!

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Maybe the best option if you think about space when choosing a certain balcony decor is the Oriental style. Since it’s based on cushions and rugs, you don’t have to occupy much space with chairs or sofas. Plus it’s much easier to move them around depending on how many people you invite there! Remember to choose matching sets or patterns in order to obtain a harmonious decor and a wonderful relaxing space.

One last good idea for a balcony decor is to make it a bed. If it’s quite small (or even if it isn’t), take the exact measurements of the space and buy a special mattress. You will have a huge bed or sofa where to crawl into and to relax while watching the panorama out the window. Add some think curtains if you need some privacy and some dim lamps and you’ll have your own piece of heaven into a space so often overlooked!

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