Coffee Themed Apartment Ideas

Coffee Themed Apartment Ideas

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A coffee themed apartment is quite an original and unusual idea, so see here some ideas on how to obtain that special decor!

We all love a hot steamy cup of coffee in the morning or even in the afternoon, but what if we decorated our homes in the same way? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have a coffee themed apartment? Maybe it will not wake us up as effectively as the drink in the morning, but certainly we would be happy with such a wonderful design, so check out these ideas!

Coffee Themed Apartment: Sleek Design

1. Choose a related wallpaper. Wallpapers with coffee beans on them are very cool and look awesome, but most of all they create a relaxing and interesting atmosphere. This year large prints are very fashionable, so giant coffee beans are recommended. You can either choose a wallpaper filled with beans or just a few of them spread here and there, depending on your taste.

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2. Use themed decorations. There are lots of options out there if you want a coffee themed apartment. From cushions to rugs and drapes, you can find almost anything with coffee beans on them. You could use this as a harmonious pattern all over the room or the house, so that you can find an equilibrium between the elements everywhere. However, make sure you don’t overdo it, since a room filled with the same pattern all over the place would be tiring for the eyes and definitely unpleasant for an interior decor.

Coffee Themed Apartment: Black and White

3. Go for similar colors. However, if you want a coffee themed apartment, you don’t necessarily have to obsessively look for this pattern with the coffee beans. It is enough to use the pattern in only one place, for instance on one cushion or on one wall with a special wallpaper, and then continue the main theme only through the colors. Choose that specific shade of the beans and match it all around the room either with the furniture or with the rest of the decorations.

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4. Use tricks! There are also other ways in which to bring that coffee feeling in your home. One easy trick anyone can do is to use the coffee smell. There are various ways to do that: aromatic oils, scented candles or discreet perfumes, whichever suits you best. Also, there are different types of room odors that can make you feel just as relaxed as when you’re having a nice cup of coffee. And if you combine the scent with the surroundings in colors similar to that of coffee, you will have a wonderful design!

Coffee Themed Apartment: Coffee Colors

5. Artistic items. There are countless modern art items that relate to coffee and that could complete the design of a relaxing room. Paintings and even sculptures can bring a more refined air to your room and even an elegant touch if you choose such colors. You might think that art items don’t reflect much of a certain idea or design, but you will be surprised to see how interesting the final result will look!

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