Color Ideas for Your Bedroom Design

Color Ideas for Your Bedroom Design

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When you want to redecorate but you feel no inspiration, read this article and prepare to get inspired!

Amazing Bedroom Designs: One Color

The bedroom is probably the room where you spend most of the time when you’re at home. Since this is the place where you charge your batteries and relax, it is very important to have a proper room that can facilitate your good sleep. The ambient is the main concern in a bedroom, and for this you might want to have a look at these color ideas for your bedroom design for further inspiration.

  1. Elegant Colors. If you want to have a room where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful decor, it is better to choose elegant or neutral colors. For instance, you can choose a burgundy red or a warm chocolate shade and combine it with white or beige for a contrasting effect.
  2. Fake Ceiling. Recently there has been an entire trend going on with the fake ceilings made of plaster. Indeed, if you choose a special shape and color it by matching the colors of the room, you will have one of the most amazing bedroom designs. More than that, you can even consider adding adornments and other decorations if you find it suitable for your design.
  3. Fresh Colors. If you want to focus more on the getting up part in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to use fresh and bright colors, like light green, strong blue or combinations between them. However, these colors are more suitable for a modern or Mediterranean style of design, so check if this would match the rest of your house.
  4. Black and White. What can be more elegant and classic than the old combination of black and white? Modern trends are going back to basics, so current amazing bedroom designs often include variations and plays upon these two colors. If you find them too simple, you can always choose a third color for certain details around the room: stickers, cushions, rugs etc.
  5. Special Lighting. The bedroom needs to have a quiet and even mysterious atmosphere, so you might want to place the lighting carefully around the room. You don’t need strong light anyway in the bedroom, so go for dim lights that help you relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the day.
  6. Delicate colors. If you want a more feminine bedroom or simply you like the delicate shades, using delicate colors in the bedroom is not a bad idea at all. A royal purple or subtle shades of pink, peach, light oranges and even grays can be a perfect match for a relaxed, airy bedroom. On the same note, you can also try golden notes and if you’re daring enough, even golden wallpapers, lighter or darker, depending on the rest of your color scheme. Indeed, golden is a very elegant color, but it can become also modern in combination with black or white.
  7. One Color. Yes, you can decorate your bedroom using one color in two different shades. You can play around all throughout the room with, let’s say, light purple and dark purple, and the effect will be truly amazing!

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