Color Your Life with an Orange Living Room!

Color Your Life with an Orange Living Room!

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Color up your life by simply changing the color in your living room! You won't regret it!

Orange Living Room: Orange Details

Orange is one of the most vivid colors, which is why it’s suitable for decorating a living room. It brings joy and has a great effect on animating the atmosphere in the room. And just because it’s such a lively color, it’s less recommended to be used in rooms meant for relaxation, like the bedroom or a lounge. Also, when deciding to use it, be careful not to place it excessively, because from a pleasant and beautiful color it will become very tiring for the eye.

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A popular option is to paint the wallsĀ orange and then to choose white furniture and decorations to tone it down a bit. Here don’t be afraid to use your creativity when making an orange living room! Make patterns on the walls, or paint them half orange, half another color, for a nice contrast. Orange and black, for instance, are much more interesting than orange and white. You can also try making stripes of different colors on the walls for a special design.

Don’t forget that you also need to have matching decorations, whether you choose orange the dominant color or not. A beautiful orange living room doesn’t need to be orange all the way, you can simply play around with small orange details here and there to obtain this result. For instance, you can have the walls white, the couch white, but choose cushions and rugs in a bright orange color. The two colors combine well, plus white balances the intensity and makes it not so tiring for the eyes. Blend them well and you will be happy with a wonderful orange living room!

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However, you don’t have to mix orange with just white and black. They are generally preferred because they highlight more the orange without distracting the eyes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with other colors too. Although it would be better to choose complementary colors, like green, blue, grey or others similar to these, you can also play with related colors: light pink, peach, yellow and so on. In fact, you can decorate the entire room with different shades of orange, as long as they go well together and are harmonious.

In what concerns the patterns, an orange living room is anyway very strong from a visual point of view, so you shouldn’t overdo it and make the room look heavy and cluttered. Take advantage of the beauty of this color and keep it simple. You can, however, choose geometrical patterns for the other main color in your interior design. Alternatively, you can keep geometrical shapes for the decorations. For instance, choose round or square shaped lamps, square rugs, round cushions or whatever you can think of.

One last important tip if you want to have a great atmosphere in an orange living room is the lighting. There are orange light bulbs available on the market, which further underline the warm tones in the room. Enjoy your live living room!

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  1. We just bought a beautiful orange couch for our arts and crafts home and are having a very hard time finding the right color for the walls. I love the color on the walls of the photo you posted with the orange couch in your article ‘Color Your Life with an orange living room’. Do you happen to know the name of the paint color on the walls?


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